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The 9th book in the Paul Decker series is now available though Amazon. Following is a brief synopsis…

The newest scientific field of study is synthetic biology: the implanting of the DNA of one organism into another life form. Already this has led to miraculous cures.

However, there is a dark side as well. A brilliant geneticist, Jonah Devlin, CEO of Evolution Industries has infused Neanderthal DNA into the Marburg virus. And, Using his desalinated water and lab-grown meat as a conduit for the virus, he will infect the entire population. People will devolve to a previous state of nature, and that is Neanderthal.

Kelly West, a beautiful woman scientist who works at Evolution Industries brings the plot to Paul Decker’s attention. Paul must not only keep this woman alive to find a cure, but stop a man protected by a President who is dependent on the campaign contributions and social and environmental successes of Evolution Industries.

But who is the evil…modern man who usurps the world’s resources and pollutes the planet, or Dr. Devlin who will populate the Earth with a species that lived in harmony with nature?

With your purchase of my novel, and your good review, Amazon will “highlight” my book. Others will see the book, buy it. So, please…follow the steps listed below.

1) Go to “Amazon.” At the top of the page is a rectangular “search” box. Type in “The Neanderthal Regression.” A picture of the book will then come up. Click on the book title or the picture. The “purchase options” come up. A) Buy the Kindle version (e-book), B) Buy the paperback.
2) Kindle (e-book) is only $2.99.
3) Read the book.
4) Then go back to Amazon when you have an idea of what you would like to say. Type in “The Neanderthal Regression” just like you did the first time. Click on the cover picture. This time, scroll down the page until you come to “Customer Reviews”. There is a box that says, “Write a review.” Write the review (which hopefully you will already have thought about). It would be great if you felt strongly enough about the novel to click on “Star number 5.” Then you are finished. That’s it. Done.

Please talk to your friends and family about “The Neanderthal Regression.” Forward this e-mail to anyone you know who might be interested.

Jeffry Weiss

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