The Patriot Betrayal

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A new American President has been elected on a wave of fear: fear of war with an emerging China and re-emerging Russia, and the old wars on terror and drugs.

All that stands in the way of the President’s plan to further consolidate the position of the rich and powerful, is the possibility that citizens might rise up and overthrow the government.

The President is being kick-backed millions of dollars by the private prison system to pass legislation against any individual or group fomenting unrest, thereby keeping the prisons full. The definition of what constitutes a legal citizen is narrowing greatly.

Whistle-blowers and witnesses are being killed faster than they can be brought in to challenge the legality of the Patriot Act and the extent of NSA spying.

Paul Decker must break the former U.S. President out of prison with the help of a beautiful whistle-blower now on the run, the leader of a motorcycle gang, and his ever-present East European hacker, then defeat the antagonists in the only way possible – with the rule of law.