The refugees did not want to leave their homes. They only wanted to escape the violence and danger. Large numbers of refugees cannot be integrated into the few countries willing to accept them. There are between 40 and 60 million refugee in the world (depending on how you count them). Instead of blindly thinking that a few countries (Germany and Sweden) can, and will continue to accept refugees after the violence in Cologne, is wishful thinking. More refugees may be expelled from Europe than accepted from this point on.

So, what is the solution? Have Turkey set up cities for these people. Turkey wants to join the EU; The EU needs a solution to the refugee crisis. Have the EU countries (and America) donate several billion to Turkey to set up the cities. Then have schools established to teach languages, customs and culture to all the people desirous of traveling to foreign countries. The applicants must pass language and other tests before being processed. In the mean time, stabilize and rebuild (where possible) so that the refugees may return home.

The cost to the EU, both in terms of money and crime, will be far less by engaging Turkey.

The refugees either hate Christians, or are jealous of their social and economic status. Please remember that 83% of the Koran demands that Muslims kill non-Muslims, pour burning oil down their throats take their land, rape their wives and daughters and sell them into slavery. Oh, you don’t believe that??? Please tell me when the last time you read the Koran was. These people do not want to integrate themselves into Western society. They want to change Western society to conform to their religious teachings and way of life. Be careful what you wish for, and speak of without proper knowledge. Enable these people to return home. That is the ultimate solution.

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