Let;s update the team Trump has chosen as advisors.

1) Wilbur Ross – Commerce. Known as the king of bankruptsy, made his fortune acquiring and breaking a part companies and selling off the pieces.

2) Betsy Devos – Education. Ran charter schools, steering public dollars away from traditional public schools, tried to strip teacher unions of their influence. A daughter of privilege, married heir to the Amway fortune. focused little on existing public schools, and almost entirely on establishing newer, more entrepreneurial models to compete with traditional schools for students and money. signals that the Trump administration will try to starve public schools. tapping into $15 billion in so-called Title I money that goes to schools that serve the country’s poorest children. Has the potential to undermine the nation’s hard-won progress by diverting resources from the young people who most need them, or by failing to uphold the federal government’s responsibility to protecting the needs and interests of all students — especially the most vulnerable. Michigan is one of the nation’s biggest charter schools experiment. Of those schools, 80 percent are run by for-profit organizations, a far higher share than anywhere else in the nation. A federal review in 2015 found “an unreasonably high” percentage of charter schools on the list of the state’s lowest-performing schools.

3) Rex Tillerson – State: As CEO of Exxon / Mobil, has extensive business interest in countries such as Russia – a direct conflict of interest with America’s interests

4_ Steve Mnuchin – Treasury – Former Goldman Sachs partner – ran a bank that foreclosed on millions of people during the recessions.

5) Any Puzder – Labor – Fast food magnate wanting to push back on policies like raising the minimum wage.

6) Ben Carson – Housing – a former brain surgeon who has never held an elected office.

7) Elaine Chao – Transportation – married to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and sits on four corporate boards in direct conflict with her sworn duties.

8) Tom Price – Health and Human services – invested in drug companies before co-sponsoring legislation that benefited them.

It will be a miracle if this country survives 4 years of Donald Trump.

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