A video produced by Trump supporters and sanctioned by the White House, was shown to  a select audience at  his Miami resort.

The video showed a mass murderer – with Trump’s face superimposed over the man’s -shooting and stabbing Trump’s opponents and members of the news media inside a church.

In the video, as reported by the New York Times, Trump critics and media members are portrayed as parishioners fleeing the Trump look a like’s rampage.  The Trump figure stabs the late John McCain in the neck and hilts and stabs TV personality Rosie O’Donnell in the face.  He lights Sen. Bernie Sanders’ head on fire. A d shoots people whose faces are replaced with news organization logos.

The video was shown in a room at Trumps Doral Miami resort.

The White House correspondents association said it was horrified by the content.

Trump ha been warned by many sources in the past that his rhetoric had and would incite violence.

The setting for the massacre is the “Church of Fake News.”

Among his targets are former President Barak Obama, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, and Bill and Hilary Clinton and Democrat Adam Shiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee leading the impeachment inquiry.

CNN, The Washington Post, BBC, PBS, and NBC and Politico are among the news organizations depicted as victims in the film.

Beware:  Trump is attempting to incite enough violence that he can declare marshal law and postpone the elections that he is certain lose indefinitely.

The video is not what it seems.  This was not a joke.  It is part of a carefully planned strategy to incite the disaffected, the dispossessed, the haters, the White supremacists, to start a movement that will lead to anarchy.

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