In case you were wondering, that’s a joke.  The news is really a commercial of the major corporations and the government.

In 1983, fifty companies owned 90% of U.S. media.  In 2014, six corporations owned 90% of new media.  Here is the break down.

  • Comcast: MSNBC, DreamWorks, CNBC, NBC, Universal Pictures.
  • News Corp.: FOX, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Barons
  • Disney: ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel Studios
  • Viacom: MTV, BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Showtime
  • Time/Warner: CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Brothers, Turner
  • CBS: Showtime, NFL.COM. 60 minutes

The billionaire owners of those stations slant the news to benefit their advertisers.  If they don’t, the advertisers leave. The government, in the form of the CIA, NSA feed stories to the stations.  If the stations don’t follow up on that, then the government brings to bear pressure.  Maybe in the form of the IRS or Department of Labor, or other organizations that can make problems of increasing magnitude for the stations.

When you watch the commercials in between news clips, you realize that you aren’t watching the news.  In fact, you aren’t watching the news when you’re watching the news.

Our media is part of the corptocracy.  Most of the newspapers, magazines and publishing houses are owned or manipulated or can influence these businesses.

The media’s job is to perpetuate, strengthen and expand the system, to keep things going as they have been.  Keep their jobs, keep the money rolling in.

The burden is on you to see and hear the truth.  That means alternative new sources.  Al Jazeera, RT, CGTV, Wired Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Economist Magazine  If you’re too tired, or too occupied to listen or watch anything but the evening news on regular channels, then only blame yourself for being part of a chain that disseminates false or distorted or exaggerated information to others you speak to and interact with.

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