After four years in the public eye, people think they know Donald Trump.  But they would be mistaken.  The truth is hidden behind a curtain created by the media who view Donald Trump as means to gain market share, a person not to be taken seriously, but simply a caricature created out of bits and pieces of fact, fiction and science fiction.

Over the last several decades the media has made celebrities out of many politicians, fawning over certain attributes while ignoring others.  Donald Trump is a showman, putting out an image that plays well on the screen.

But the true Donald cannot be seen directly; he is only viewed as a projection operated by the Wizard of Oz.

People judge Donald by their own subjective standards.  When people say “crass,” or “obnoxious,” or vindictive,” they have an image in their mind of people in their past that had exhibited similar qualities.  That will not help in rendering or visualizing or understanding Donald Trump.

Americans, and the world, think Donald Trump is a fraudster, a misogynist, and scammer, a braggart, a liar.

That’s like saying Jack the Ripper wasn’t all bad since he was a dapper dresser in his tuxedo and a top hat.

Donald Trump defies definition or example.

Donald Trump is a destroyer.  A destroyer of institutions, of people, of history, of race, religion and mores.

He is as far from a human being as a snake slithering in the tall grass, waiting for a victim to come within its grasp.

You cannot use you personal definitions to categorize Donald Trump.

He is a hater, a sadist, a predator for whom all living things and old institutions are its prey.

It is his nature to destroy things.  Anything that is not his or he does not derive benefit from, must be razed, erased, liquidated, extinguished.

It does not matter how long such social mores, institution or belief systems have been in existence.  The only purpose they hold for Donald Trump is to show his determination, his skill at killing that which people have depended upon for decades and centuries.

One must set aside the narrow parameters they use when evaluating Donald Trump.  To see him fully for what he is would require taking great risks of damaging the soul of a caring person.  The best way I could describe the real Donald Trump is to recall the painting in the attic in the story of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

For those of you who do not know the story, a young, most handsome man in Victoria England, circa 1850, makes a deal with the devil.  Allow him to live for eighty years as a young man and the devil can then claim his soul in the end.  The one catch is that the painting of him, recently done, will not only age, but will show the sins, the debauchery, the crimes, the murders, the debasement, the rapes, robberies and torture he inflicts upon the innocent.

Consider what Donald did to the WHO, the Paris Climate Accord, NAFTA, NATO, the CDC, the State department, free and fair elections, the legal system.

Given more time and opportunity he would eviscerate the courts, decimate The Bill of Rights, and rent asunder the Constitution itself.

There is nothing safe from the destruction that follows Donald Trump everywhere he goes.

Whatever you believe are the limits of the harm a person can do, whatever you think is out of bounds or beyond the power of man to destroy, in the case of Donald Trump, you would be wrong.  Donald Trump only lives to humiliate, denigrate, disparage, demean people and crush institutions.

This he did with extraordinary effort in his first term as president.  In a second administration, he will resume that action but with a better knowledge of the power the presidency holds and take his revenge on those he perceived wronged him in 2020.

Be prepared to lose everything you hold dear, every institution, the very foundation that America is built upon if Donald is reelected in 2024.  For Donald Trump there are no boundaries and no limits to the criminality, the crucifixions, the pox he has and will wrought on America.

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