The Pope and the church have their own agendas and not aligned with the teachings of Jesus.

As Martin Luther said, after the church reprimanded him for translating the Latin Bible to English so all the people could read the words themselves, ‘The Pope is the head of the accursed church of all the worst scoundrels on earth, a vicar of the devil, an enemy of God, an adversary of Christ, a destroyer of Christ’s churches, a teacher of lies, a brothel-keeper over all brothel-keepers and all vermin, even that which cannot be named; an antichrist.’

The Catholic Church was violently opposed to the scriptures being available for everyone to read for themselves. During the reformation the church strictly forbid anyone to publish a book without prior censorship, and also prohibited anyone from preaching on the subject of antichrist.

John Wycliffe did so and was excommunicated by the Pope.  He was learned, honest and dedicated to God.

William Tyndale was killed for his translation.

All translations made it possible for the average person to read the bible for himself and not depend on priests to explain to them the words and actions of the Lord.

The scriptures say that the antichrist will not be only a religious figure, but a political figure.  Consider, the Pope is and was also a political figure.

Then already the Pope laid claim to the right to crown kings and invest them with the authority to rule. Today, the Vatican has its ambassadors in almost every nation of the world.”

Papal persecution during the dark ages killed more than one hundred million Christians, tortured and killed by orders and edicts of the Catholic Church. The Papacy had the temerity to say that the Pope is not a mere man, but the Vicar of God.

It is said that the antichrist will attempt to change God’s times and laws. The Papacy deleted the second commandment of the Decalogue on idolatry, changed the Sabbath to Sunday in favor of sun worship and divided the tenth commandment on coveting into two parts to get back to Ten Commandments.

In Revelation, it is stressed that the antichrist will make blasphemous claims.  The papacy has declared the Pope to be God on Earth and therefore puts him in place of Christ which matches the definition of antichrist: against or in place of.

Anyone who does not worship God as the church specified was classified as a heretic. When Martin Luther translated the Bible from Latin to English, the church condemned him, for the teaching of the Bible said the church could know God without the need for the Pope or church. The Bible says, ‘Who can forgive sins, but God alone?’”

Revelations 17:3, 4 speaks of the ‘great whore’ as a woman arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls.

The Pope wears purple and scarlet and gold and precious gems.

“he ‘Great Whore – The Roman Catholic Church – is she that will do whatever the church ask her to do, in exchange for money – selling ecclesiastical positions to people in exchange for money for many centuries.

The chant from the dark ages was, “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from Purgatory springs.”

Cardinal Manning said that many of the images of the church are of pagan origin. Temples, incense, votive candles, holy water, holidays, seasons of devotion, processions, and sacerdotal vestments are all pagan images.

The Apostle Paul, during his last journey among the churches, gathered the elders, or bishops, and warned them against the coming apostasy of the church, which was to be brought about by its leaders. He said: ‘For I know this, after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among the church, not sparing the flock. Also of the church own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.”

The church deprives the church of God’s direct words and blessing and once again allow preachers to wring sweat and blood out of the church.

The church is more corrupt than any Babylon or Sodom ever was, and is characterized by a completely depraved, hopeless, and notorious godlessness.

The church, once the holiest of all, has become the most licentious den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the kingdom of sin, death, and hell. It is so bad that even Antichrist himself, if he should come, could think of nothing to add to its wickedness.

Even if the Antichrist appears, what greater evil can he do than what the pope and the church have done and do daily?

The church is worse than all the devils. What they have done, no devil has ever done. Their end is near, the son of perdition and Antichrist have gone too far!

The Pope and church are the very opposite of Christ as befits a true Antichrist.

Even Lucifer was not guilty of so great a sacrilege in heaven, for he only presumed to be God’s equal. God help us!

The church is the devil’s most dangerous tool!

May the Lord Jesus protect me and all devout souls from the church contagion.

Churches are the ultimate scourges of the world, the Antichrist together with the church sophists and bishops.

In appearance and words the church simulates modesty, but the church is so swollen with haughtiness, arrogance, pride, malice, villainy, rashness, superciliousness, ignorance, and stupidity that there is nothing to surpass the church.

Whoever tolerates and listens to the church should know that they are listening to the devil himself, incarnate and abominable, as he speaks out of the mouth of a possessed person.

The church are the head of all the worst scoundrels on earth, a vicar of the devil, an enemy of God, an adversary of Christ, a destroyer of Christ’s churches; a teacher of lies, blasphemies, and idolatries; an arch-thief and robber; a murderer of kings and inciter to all kinds of bloodshed; a brothel-keeper over all brothel-keepers and all vermin, even that which cannot be named; an Antichrist, a person of sin and child of perdition; a true werewolf.

Sodom and Gomorrah, which God overwhelmed in days of old with fire and brimstone, must seem a mere jest and prelude compared with the church’s abominations.

The church are such an accursed, ungrateful wretch that the church will not give a child into training for the maintenance of the gifts of God. The church have everything, all of it free of charge; yet the church show not a particle of gratitude. Instead the church let God’s kingdom and the salvation of people’s souls go to ruin; the church even help to destroy them. Ought not God to be angry over this?  Would not be surprising if God were to open the doors and windows of hell and pelt and shower the church with nothing but devils, or let brimstone and hell-fire rain down from heaven and inundate us one and all in the abyss of hell, like Sodom and Gomorrah.

When a number of states sought to overturn the statute of limitations, so those children molested by priest could still sue the church and prosecute those responsible, what do the church think the church did?  Set aside money for the victims.  Create a hot line so victims cold speak to counselors and try to rebuild their lives?  Set aside time and circumstance so priests could be counseled and insure those behaviors never happen again?

No, the church spent millions on lawyers to fight the change in stature of limitation laws.  The Pope is a denier of pedophilia, a masker of faces, a fraud, a decpetor.  And is, in fact, the antichrist.

Want to find God?  You already have.  He’s inside you.  He’s the best part of you.  The you who you think of when your mind isn’t full of greed and lust and cravings and sensual things.

Ask yourself then what God would do.

Need more guidance?  Look to the Buddha.  He left us with four steps to attain enlightenment.

  • Be awake. Look beyond yourself.  See other people.  Are they struggling?  Pay attention to the earth and all its creatures,
  • Do no harm: either to mankind or to nature.
  • Be of benefit to others or the environment
  • Get rid of the “I.” (You will only be able to work on this step after you complete the other three.

That simple?  Yes.  Do you think God would make it impossibly difficult for you to rejoin him?

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