Races as a percentage of the U.S. population

White, non-Hispanic                62.7%

Hispanic                                     17.6%

Black / African American       12.6%

Asian                                             5.1%


Congress (both houses)      535

African American                    46                    .08%

Latino                                        26                    .04%

Asian                                          15                    .02%

White                                       448                  85% house, 96% senate


In the general population

Women 50.2 %

Men 49.8%



 Population                               36.8

In Senate                                 62

In House                                  50


Education (bachelor’s degree)

Population                               30%

Congress                                 95%



Population                                   $68,828

Congress (both houses)          $7,888,502



Population women                  50.5%

Congress                                 125 (out of 535)          23%


So you see, unless you are a 60 year old, rich, white, highly educated man, you are not represented in congress.  If you are not represented in Congress, then who is?  Well, other senators, congressmen and their ilk (those in the same brackets)

If you want real representation, then take ever opportunity to vote young, female, Hispanic, African American.

Take back America.  Get out and vote, not just in the general election when it is too late because the candidates will almost surely be white, older and rich.

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