Damn Russians interfered with our election!  Bastards!  How could they dare do that?  If they were a democracy like we are, they would never have done such a thing!!

Really?  We showed them how it’s done.

In 2011, protests arose in more than 70 cities across Russia, threatening Putin’s control of the Kremlin.  The uprising was organized by a popular blogger, Alexi Navalny, who used Twitter and Facebook to get crowds into the streets.  Putin fought back with his own social media attack to fight back.

In the end, Putin’s forces won out.  End of story?

No quite.  The campaign again Putin was backed by Hilary Clinton and the U.S. State department.  The State Department lamely admitted to “Only funding pro-democracy organizations in Russia and elsewhere.”

After his reelection the following year, Putin instructed his new head of military intelligence, Igor Serun to begin re-purposing cyber weapons previously used for psychological operations in war zones for use in “electioneering” …like those used against him.

Russian intelligence funded botnet spamming operations and fake news outlets as well.  But the greatest advancement came when a Russian programmer who had worked in the U.S. returned to Russia bringing with him a trove of algorithms that could be used to influence operations.  The programmer who built the algorithms was trained in America.

But our government would never resort to those measures…would they?

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