William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump: the three (not so) little pigs.  What do they have in common?  Well, first and foremost, they love to eat.  After putting so many buffets out of business, they finally had to open their own.  But it was losing so much money; they had to sell it to over-eaters anonymous.

Another thing they have in common is over-sized bathroom fixtures in their houses and office.  If you listen closely, when they sit on their toilets, the porcelain groans, begging for mercy.

These disgusting, flatulent-oozing, virus-infected, bloated, diseased, obnoxious, men who placed themselves above the constitution they were sworn to protect, believe that when the music stops they will simply go back to their private world of estates, golf club memberships and pig roughs.

However, they are wrong.  The American people won’t forget their blatant, lying, thieving, cheating, disgraceful representation of America.  They bastardized the constitution and ravaged the Bill of Rights.  Those documents are the backbone of our country, the protectors of human rights; trampled by these pigs on their way to the troughs.

Barr and Pompeo will say, “Well, we were just following orders.”  I would remind them that that is exactly what the German people said after Hitler was defeated.

These men placed themselves above the Constitution, above the law, above the lives and welfare of the American people.

In Dante’s, Inferno, the 3rd level of hell is reserved for gluttons.

These men snort more than talk.  They speak in pig Latin and the double-speak of Huxley’s 1984.

They are disgusting, externally oriented men who try to hid their crude, lascivious, greedy, homophobic, conniving, sodomistic internal feelings that seek to break though their pink, bloated skin at any moment.

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