With the blessings of the U.S, Poland is going to give its jet fighters to Ukraine.  America will then replace those fighters with others.  This is very important because Ukrainian pilots were trained on Russian jets.  They Cannot fly American jets.  They can fly the Polish jets because they are Russian made. This could lead to a big turn in the war because many Russian convoys are stalled due to lack of gas or abandoned.  They are sitting or moving very slowly in a 40 mile line,  easy targets.
America is, through its European allies is sending in  Stinger missiles, Javelin missiles, anti-tank rocket systems, grenade launchers, more than 2,000 tons of ammunition, including mortar and artillery rounds, small arms, machine guns.
Experts say that if it comes down to house to house and building to building urban fighting, Russian losses will be unacceptable to the military leaders who may pull their men out, even acting against the explicit orders of Putin.  This is good news, but meanwhile, people in Ukraine will have no cities to go home to.  But I can assure you that between Europe and America, they will allocate 2 trillion dollars to rebuild the country.
By  1945, most of Germany was destroyed.  By 1958, their economy was larger than it was at the high point of the war and the cities were rebuilt to modern standards to resist fire, flood and earthquake.
My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people and they are in my prayers.
This will soon end. People will get at least a portion of their lives back.

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