Two can play at the election interference game.  How about we fund Alexei Navalny’s “Russia of the Future” party.”  Alexei is the major opposition leader in Russia to Putin and his United Russia party.  What Navalny calls the party of crooks and thieves.  I have researched, found and written about every single crime Vladimir Putin has committed.  The military can make millions of copies of this surreptitiously get them in Russia to be distributed by the opposition.

Putin sentenced Navalny to Penal Colony No. 2 after he poisoned Navalny who was rushed to Germany for treatment to save his life.  But because Navalny did not get permission to travel, Putin convicted him of breaking the law.

Penal Colony No. 2 where Alexei Navalny was sent is ‘unbearable,’ Alexei’s lawyer, said.  And former inmates say is the worst hell hole on Earth.

It would only be necessary to distribute them in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, the six biggest cities.

Donate to Navalny’s party: for voltmeters, for lawyers to represent those arrested, for bail money to keep them out of jail until trial, to pay for rent of those arrested, to pay for food to be distributed to the poor.  To buy printing machines to copy documents.

So, you think what happens in Russia is Russia’s business?  Putin’s goal is to bring down the pillars of democracy in all western countries.  You think that’s ridiculous?  You’ve been watching too much of The Masked Singer, Grey’s Anatomy, The Equalizer, 9-1-1, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Law & Order, Organized Crime, Chicago P.D, Chicago Fire, South Park, Law & Order, Chicago, FBI,  Can See Your Voice, The Good Doctor, Station, 60 Minutes, The Voice, Big Sky, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Young Sheldon, American Idol.

Have I covered all the bases?  Did I hit a nerve yet?  Alexei Navalny is dying in the worst prison camp in all of Russia.  He is fighting to contain Putin, not just in Russia, but everywhere Putin has his dirty little fingers

Am I getting through to you?  Knock, knock.  Anybody Home?  You think Russia and Putin are no threat to you?  Are you really that naive?  Do you know how many people he has killed?  Do you know how much he is investing in influencing American elections (tens of millions if you’re really interested).  He is extorting millions of dollars from American companies through cyber crime.  He will try to shut down the entire American economy.

He will spend every dime Russia has, let his people starve, in order to influence American elections, make Americans lose faith in the Democratic system.

He has already invaded Ukraine, Georgia (the country, not the state.  Ha, Ha), Crimea, Moldova.  He has shut down the countries of Estonia and Lithuania usinf cyber warfare.  He has spread his influence to the “Stan” states and to Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

In 1999, Putin was running for President.  But he had no party behind him.  So he invented one.  In order to gain popularity for the party, he had the KGB bomb Russian apartment buildings and churches, blamed it on the Chechens, then invaded Chechnya and killed tens of thousands of people.  When he got done, Groznyy, the capital, was declared the most devastated city on Earth.

Wake up and smell the roses.  Relate to others what I have detailed here.  Write to your Congressmen and Senators.  Donate to Navalny’s party.  Do something!  Would you enjoy living in a Fascist state?  Would it be okay if all your freedoms were taken away?  You couldn’t watch “Doctor Pimple-popper”

People in other countries are dying because they are standing up to Putin.  The least you can do is contribute money and speak to others about the dangers.



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