In 2004, Vladimir Putin said that the greatest disaster of the 20th century was the break up of the Soviet Union.  Since then, the reestablishment of the Soviet Union has been his mantra and the over arching goal of his administrations.  He has done this through invasion (Georgia), annexation (Crimea) and insurgency (Ukraine).  These actions were accomplished with the use of the new Russia military: a once decrepit organization, using equipment left over from Afghanistan, lacking training, low moral, months behind in their pay, having to grow some of their own food.

However, Putin began pouring billions of dollars into the revival and modernization of the military.  Soon, they were once again a formidable force, capable of confronting NATO threats or incursions.

The problem was, all those billions were diverted from modernizing the state, repairing and expanding infrastructure, investing in IT, building more schools, better schools, raise the pay of professors, offering incentive to acquired the best teachers, diversifying the economy away from oil and gas.

The needs of the people, the hopes and dreams of the people were subverted by the aspirations of the little Tsar.  I megalomaniac, sociopath, placed his personal agenda over the agenda of the Russian people.

The people didn’t get to vote, not really.  Sure, they could cast a ballot, but there was only one candidate to vote for.

The Russian people don’t want to resurrect the Soviet Union, they don’t want a modern military, they don’t want to take over the territory of other countries, or remain dependent of fuels while other countries worked on autonomous vehicles, AI, robotics, 4 and 5G networks. They wanted to live in decent housing, buy healthy foods, provide a better future for their children than they had experienced themselves.

Is it possible that a man can be so obsessed as to place his single need over the needs of 180 million Russians?

The Russian economy is controlled and pillaged by Russian oligarchs beholden to Putin.  They make billions while people live in squalor.

Putin has accumulated anywhere from 40 to 200 billion dollars.  Isn’t that enough?  Okay, Vladimir, if 200 billion isn’t enough, tell us what the figure needs to be before you abdicate the thrown.  Put it to a vote.  The Russian people are so frustrated with you that they will all dig into their meager savings to send you off to pasture.

Time to go, Vladimir.  It’s time for the Russian people to join the modern world.


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