Many times I have written to support Putin in some of his actions: like annexing Crimea, which had been Russia’s only warm water port for centuries.  I wrote several times about how the U.S. and the West and NATO and the EU broke their promises NATO of times regarding their promises not to move East after the Berlin wall came down.  A dozen times, the U.S. and the west annexed states in direct contradiction of the accord agreed to.

Vladimir Putin, and every Russian leader since Gorbachev, has been lied to by America.  The agreement between George Bush Sr., representing America, and Michael Gorbachev was that if the USSR allowed the wall to come down and East and West Germany re-unite, the West (America and NATO) would not expand eastward, would not arm the newly independent countries, and would not push the East European countries once under Soviet control to join the EU.  Every single president since Bush Sr. has broken every promise ever made and pushed Putin to the edge.

Washington betrayed Russia, and NATO added 12 eastern European countries in three subsequent rounds of enlargement.  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive actions in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 were fueled in part by his ongoing resentment about what he saw as the West’s broken pact over NATO expansion.

Now that increasing numbers of formerly secret documents from 1989 and 1990 have made their way into the public domain, historians have shed new light on this controversy.  The evidence demonstrates that contrary to the conventional wisdom in Washington, the issue of NATO’s future in not only East Germany but also Eastern Europe arose soon after the Berlin Wall opened, as early as February 1990.  U.S. officials, working closely with West German leaders, told Moscow during negotiations that month that the alliance would not expand, not even to the eastern half of a soon-to-be-reunited Germany.

According to documents from the West German foreign ministry, Genscher told Hurd that Gorbachev wanted to rule out the prospect of NATO’s future expansion not only to East Germany but also to Eastern Europe.  Genscher suggested that the alliance should issue a public statement saying that “NATO does not intend to expand its territory to the East.” “Such a statement must refer not just to East Germany, but rather be of a general nature,” he added. “Soviet Union needs the security of knowing that Hungary, if it has a change of government, will not become part of the Western Alliance.” Genscher urged that NATO discuss the matter immediately, and Hurd agreed.

Three days later, in Moscow, Baker talked NATO with Gorbachev directly.  During their meeting, Baker took handwritten notes of his own remarks, adding stars next to the key words: “End result: NATO would not move eastward!”

Since German reunification, 12 March 1999, NATO, the EU annexed:

Czech Republic




29 March 2004









1 April 2009




Putin said that the break up of the Soviet Union was the greatest disaster of the 20th century. He single-handedly tried to correct that, annexing Crimea, taking control of Easter Ukraine (which stopped Ukraine President Poroshenko from instituting his “progrom” of ethnic cleansing), putting pressure on the “Stan” states and the Baltic States to remain in the sphere of Russian influence.

But now we come to the present and see that Putin has caused irreparable harm to Russia.  The people have suffered through the military buildup, the impact of the drop in oil prices (which would not have had such an effect if Putin had put money into the infrastructure and diversified the economy), sanctions and repression.  Putin has not achieved his goal of Western expansion and Russian is in worse shape, economically and in its standing in the world than it was before his election.

Putin has accumulated at least 40 billion dollars.  His prime Minster, Medvedev is worth at least 20 billion.  How much more do they need?  Why not come up with a figure….60, 80, 100 billion then put it to a vote.  If agreed to by the Russian people,  make a one-time payment to Putin to have him walk away.

Putin is a megalomaniac who perceives his goal of Russian reunification is the goal of the Russian people.  It is not. The Russian people want less repression, economic growth democracy and capitalism. Putin does not want to and cannot deliver those things.

He controls 100% of Russian media.  He has killed opposition candidates.  He has thrown acid on others, trying to blind Alexei Navalny.  He has thrown him in jail on false charges of embezzlement.  He has had marchers beaten at Navalny‘s rally.  He has had children beaten and jailed.

Under Putin, Russian GDP has gone from 2, 231 million in 2013 to 1,331 in 2017, just a little higher than Mexico.

Putin’s agenda is not the agenda of the Russian people.  He wants to recreate an empire, rule as Tsar, smash any opposition, rule the world.  The Russian people want to be part of the EU, send their children to decent schools, go to store stock with plentiful  food, not wait in queues hours long for food like victims of war, live, work without systemic corruption and believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Time for Putin to stand down and allow Russia to join the 21st century.

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