First, let me say that I, as you, believe the 2020 election was stolen.  Also, that Donald had nothing to do with the Jan. 6th riots.

As for the Covid virus.  It is not real.  It is made up by the liberals as a way for them to take over the country.  The same liberals who kidnap babies and drink their blood.

The vaccine is a way to inject a chip into your body and control your actions and your mind.  Well, just your actions because you do not have a mind.  The vaccine actually causes the virus.  The vaccine is a trick by the liberals to take away your rights.

Do not get the vaccine.  Die.  We do not need you as part of the gene pool.  You are contaminating the pool and using up natural resources needed by people who have brains and use logic to understand the world.

You are a fucking idiot and unless you die, your children will be idiots too.   You don’t want that…do you?

Kill yourself now rather than go through life believing people like Trump who has an 80 I.Q. and is a habitual liar.  Kill yourself rather than go through life believing in Qanon, hearing voices from inside your head.   Kill yourself for believing that Democrats kidnap babies and drink their blood.  Kill yourself now for thinking that Donald Trump is good for America.

Please kill yourself rather than have to listen to the facts that refute every conspiracy theory you ever believed in.  Do you really want to be reminded every day how stupid you are for listening to and believing a man with an 80 I.Q.?

Thank you for ending your life and saving resources for people who have a brain and can think for themselves.

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