It’s not over yet.  The fight goes on.  We will prevail.  But to carry the fight, we desperately need your donation.  Now I’m sure that some of you have heard that we’ve already collected over $180 million dollars.  And while we’ve only paid out $8 million in legal fees, it doesn’t mean we still don’t need you.

And please don’t listen to all those rumors that the great majority of that money is going into an account controlled by The Donald and is available for his personal use.

A while it may look unethical and criminal, you’ll just have to believe Donald.  You know he would never lie and has never been anything but truthful in all he personal, business and presidential positions,

And if, in fact, you do believe Donald, he would like to sign you up for a new project he has in mind.  He is putting up home built with recyclable cardboard in Arkansas, right in the heart of Tornado Alley.  It’s partially a scientific experiment and partially a way for Donald to fleece those who still believe Donald is an ethical, respectable, honest, compassionate man.

You can’t believe the 99.999999999% of independent newsmen and polling companies and previous business partners of Donald who say he is a piece of scum that floated to the top of a Petri dish and slithered out of the lab and into the sewer system where he took the shape of a human being.

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