You might think that the worst thing in the world would be to miss an opportunity to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, or to miss a chance to amend the Iran nuclear arms deal, or to end the trade wars.  However, you would be wrong.  The worst possible thing in Donald Trump’s world is to be humiliated, or trivialized or disrespected.

If that leads to war or to escalating embargoes or higher taxes, or heightened tension in the Middle East or Europe or South East Asia, well, so be it.

Donald cannot stand being second best, being a member, not a leader, being one of a group, not the primary or driving force.

He actually losses his mind when in, or facing, such a situation, as can be discerned from his tweets.

Donald felt Kim Jong Un was setting him up and that he, Donald, would walk away with nothing to show for the effort, except loosing face.

Donald’s entire life has been a reaction to perceived slights, revenge, hate of others given more recognition, envy of those more successful than himself.

That has forced him to lie, cheat and steal as a businessman and continue with that mentality in his presidency.

He tweets are the ramblings of an deranged person.  A man who cannot control his temper, his hate, his frustration at perceived slights.

However, what Donald really hates is himself. All his money and properties have never made him happy.  His heart is a lump of coal.  His mind fixated on what he doesn’t have, what he perceived he had earned and deserves but has not gotten.

If he can’t control, manipulate, humiliate, dismiss, denigrate a person or an institution then he wants no part of that scenario.

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