Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban visited the White House this week.

Trump heaped praise after praise upon a man who erected razor wire fences to keep migrants out of his country.   He has packed the judiciary and the media with his loyal followers, chipping away at the independence of those two bodies.

He has urged anti-Semitic followers to attack Jews.

At the meeting, Trump told Orban, “It’s like we’re twins.”

Other described Trump as being jealous of the fact that in less than ten years, Orban has been able to turn Hungary into a “1984” autocracy: controlling the courts, TV, newspapers and internet.

They have become propaganda machines for the prime minister.  And Orban has enriched himself as his cronies at the expense of the people.

Of course he is not the first authoritarian figure Trump ha praised.  That honor goes to Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping.  The difference is, Orban inherited a democracy and turned it into a dictatorship.

Observers at the meeting said Trump seemed to be taking notes on how to do the same in America.

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