Saying that Trump is guilty of treason because he asked a foreign leader to compromise a political opponent is like saying a mass murder is guilty because he stole the bullets for his guns.

Trump has violated some many laws that this latest criminal activity is only the icing on the cake.

He asked the Russian to find Hilary Clinton’s e-mails and ease them to destroy her.

He used money contributed by campaign donations to fund his personal businesses.

He charged the inauguration committee triple the going rate at his hotel to use his facilities.

He kept the money not used for his personal gain.

He violated the emoluments act a hundred times.

He lied when questioned by Mueller.

He had people in his cabinet lie to investigators.

He changed U.S. policy towards Qatar when they wouldn’t loan his son-in-law money to bail him out of 666 5th avenue.

He refused to place his assets in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interests.

He refused to answer subpoenas by Congress to provide his tax returns.

He sold military hardware to countries whose leaders committed atrocities.

He withheld documents subpoenaed by Congress.  He insisted his staff and secretaries either refuse to answer subpoenas or lie.  And that he would pardon them if they got indicted.

Gave preferential treatment to countries where his hotels wee located.

Foreign dignitaries who stayed at his properties paid double and triple the going rates in order to obligate him.

He was paid $100 million dollars by Sheldon Abelson to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump never mad money on anything he did except for his original Trump Tower in NYC and his Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C.  Four casinos in Atlantic City.  4 bankruptcies.  He makes his money by licensing his name to other hotels. He gets $5 million a year for each license.  So he adapts U.S. foreign policy to those countries and businesses that benefit him.

He not only avoids Congressional subpoenas but tells his staff and secretaries to not answer them also.

He is the lowest form of scum that ever crawled out of a sewer.

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