The Stimulus Package: A Handout For The Rich

 The stimulus package should have been to preserve the production capacity of the U.S. by keeping small businesses running and workers in place.  But only $377 bullion out of $2 trillion of the package is directly targeted for that purpose.

Rather the package subsidizes are corporation, allocating $510 billion to support the largest corporation.  Then $454 billion to the Federal Reserve to loan to the “private sector,” which amounts to $4.5 trillion dollars. (Banks can loan up to 10 times the amount of money on hand).

Really, just a bailout for companies like Boeing which has been poorly run and deserves to go bankrupt.


 An impediment to his reelection

As early as January 10th, Trump dismissed his aide’s early warning that as many as 500,000 people could die in America if he did not act early and decisively.  His response was, “if I dismiss the virus as nothing more than the flu, then it won’t be a campaign issue that could be held against me.  If a half million people have to die or ten million have to die to insure my reelection, well that’s a small price to pay for my continued leadership.

His constant reply, “That we did everything right,” are the words of a sociopathic, arrogant, ignorant obese degenerate.

While experts insist that until everyone can be tested, there is no way to open the economy

He vacillates between saying he has compete control to saying it’s up to the government.  He ants to look like he’s in control and taking charge, without being held accountable.

Epidemiologists Britte Jewell and Nicholas have calculated that if Trump had ordered social distancing start two weeks earlier, that would have prevented 90% of the death we now have,

So let’s add that all up….’’Trump’s actions and inactions have cost tens of thousands of deaths, massive unemployment, trillions in wealth lost, skyrocketing national debt and untold emotional hardship.  Nothing new there.  That’s about par for the course for Donald Trump.

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