Donald Trump is a very small, narrow thinker, greedy beyond words, a bitter old man for who there is never enough money.  Donald values his life and his accomplishments and his importance on one thing only: money.  Donald never wanted to be president, he only wanted to build name recognition for his companies.  The same thing Rudy Juliani did in 2008 when he ran in the presidential primaries.

When Donald won the presidency, it became a challenge of how much money he could make, at the expense of the poor, the disenfranchised, the country.

He nominated men who would blindly follow his orders regarding legislation and regulations no matter how much it cost the country economically, environmentally or our standing n the world.  Nothing would stand in his way, no price was too great to pay for Donald to build his wealth, as long as he wasn’t the one paying.

Oil drillers, Gas pipelines. Coal. Banks. Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Industrial equipment, the Defense industry to name a few, are among the likely winners of a Donald Trump administration that has and will take the lid off environmental and trade regulations.  Soon to come, repeal the Dodd-Frank financial reform act and killing the Affordable Care Act.

(Just a few) cases of Donald Trump getting “kick-backs” from companies that benefited from his legislative programs which  ended restrictions or relaxing industry standards.


Oil / gas pipeline companies                                                $1.5 billion

Coal industry                                                                           $1.0 billion

Fracking industry                                                                  $2.5 billion

The banking industry                                                            $4.5 billion

Pharmaceuticals                                                                     $3.0 billion

Defense Industry                                                                    $6.0 billion.

Waste producing companies (paper, agriculture)          $2.75 billion

Construction                                                                            $1.75 billion

For moving the American embassy to Palestine             $500 million



Raise government spending (by raising the debt), fight more wars, end regulations, cut back on enforcement.  He put his own men in cabinet posts, not based on their experience or their dedication to the constitution, or to legality, but on their allegiance to Donald J. Trump.  They would run their departments solely for the good of Trump, Inc.

The money has gone through a series of companies owned by Jared Kushner, then to banks in Luxembourg, Bahamas, and Philippines..  So many layers, the trail could never be followed.

Unless…along comes Robert Mueller.  And what is the first thing he does?  Lean how Russia uninfluenced the election?  No.  He hired the best money laundering prosecutor in the country.  He is going after the money and he is on the trail, which is like a path of burning gasoline that’s going to end right up Trump’s ass.  Everyone he ever knew, including his son, son-in-law, daughter, trusted aides, personal attorneys is going to roll over on Donald.  He has never show loyalty, no dedication to anyone, ever.  He used people at every turn of his life.  Stabbed friends in the back, lying to countries about maintaining environmental standards, cheated hard working people out of their salaries and their dignity by using the courts as his personal justice system.  He has sold his soul to the devil for money.

Now, it’s all going to come back and bite him in the ass.  Donald is going to think Mike Tyson hammered on him for 15 rounds before this is over.  Donald is going to be impeached, but it’s not going to end there.  The charges of corruption, kick-backs, money laundering are going to haunt him for the rest of his days.  Donald will be in and out of court, in and out of jail for the rest of his unnatural life.


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