I don’t mean this in a derogatory way or as a slur or a slight.  Trump really is stupid.  You would think that because he is rich, he must be intelligent, but you would be wrong.  He is an ape who mimicked the behavior of his father.  He learned to buy property, charge as much as possible for rents, and cheat the people who worked on the buildings, making them sue him, settling for far less than the fair amount due them.  Donald Trump was taught to lie, cheat and steal and that is what he does.  The only difference is that he bought bigger buildings than his father did.  “The Donald” received 40 million dollars in 1974 to start his businesses, then another 100 million when his father died in 1999.  If he had put it in a money market account, he’d have more money than he does now (3.1 billion).

He did go to college, but he scammed and cheated his way through, buying term papers from others, skating through tests, using other peoples’ answers.

Everything he does he does because he is stupid and arrogant and mean-spirited and conniving, not because he is republican or democrat, liberal or conservative.

He is using the same tactics in government as he did in business: break contracts, then renegotiate, intimidate, threaten, and demean people, organizations and countries.

Everything he does is to feed his ego.

Yes, he has fooled you, but don’t feel too bad; he had fooled hundreds and thousands of others.

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