How can I say that?  Trump has not been able to replace Obama care, his tax bill is mired in Congress, and the wall in México has not even been started.  He has left TTP, TIP, and is trying to renegotiate NAFTA.  He has dropped out of the Paris Accord, the only member nation of the U.N. to do so.  The courts have block most if his travel ban and North Korea continues to taunt him.

While all that is true, that has little to do with what Trump values.  His goal, both before being elected and after, is to increase his net worth.  He never thought he would win the presidency.  He really never wanted to be president.  All he cared about was promoting the Trump brand worldwide.  Keep in mind that every hotel that wears the Trump brand gives him 5 million dollars a year.  With a hundred hotel, that’s half a billion a year without one dollar of investment.  Think ten times that number.

Trump is a arrogant, ignorant man ruled by greed and money.  Every decision he makes is to further his wealth.  Every cabinet appointment he made was meant to trade legislation for money.

You may think Trump must be intelligent because he is rich, but in fact, all he has ever done is “ape” his father.  Buy property, rehab it, sell or rent it for exorbitant prices, cheat contractors, sue people and lie.  It’s all part of the Trump business plan which was actually his father’s business plan.

He cheated his way through school and cheated his way through life.  He is a sociopath, an uncaring, greedy man ruled by money, which is the only thing he values and the thing for which he has sold his soul.

Here are some of his cabinet picks.  They had nothing to do with experience, competence, but all to do with loyalty and the ability make Trump money.  So what does Trump have to gain?  Through cutouts and intermediaries, Trump and his companies will receive stock and cash worth billions.  This will be handed by his son, Donald Crook the third, his wife, and his son-in-law, chief advisor of scams and kickbacks and illicit deals, Jared Kushner, who will soon be following his father to Federal Prison.  The acorn does not fall far from the tree.

Trump Cabinet Picks:

  • Secretary of State, Rex Tllerson. Completely incompetent.  Not only did he never how elected office, but Exxon Mobil was the only company he ever worked for.  Started right out of college.  Making a mockery of foreign affairs.  Trump is trading foreign policy to benefit transnational corporations, which will repay Trump ad his complex, hidden, sheltered companies by under-the-table “donations” worth millions.


  • Secretary of the interior, Bob Pruitt, has rolled back every program meant to protect the environment As Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the dept of the interior `4 times.  Every complaint was drawn up by the energy companies he supported.  Now, Pruitt is doing the bidding of the oil companies,   He is abandoning the clean air act, which helps the coal industry, which was going to cut the amount of emissions of coal plants by 70%.  Secretary of the Interior has rolled back land preserved for the country so that businesses to commercialize it and oil companies to run pipes through it.


  • Dept of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson,. Wants to cut families dependent on HUD grants.  His mother taught him to reject government help and feels others should do so as well, regardless of their circumstances.  He rolled back a rule requiring employers to include birth control in health insurance plans. He said that the devil guided Charles Darwin’s work on evolution.   He said that public housing shouldn’t be too comfortable and that poverty was a state of mind.  His goal is not to help those in need but “to limit federal regulations on housing.


  • Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Munchin,. He was a former senior executive at Holman Sachs, one of the firms directly implicated in the financial crash of 2008.  He is also a Hollywood producer of such films as X-men.  As secretary, he is rolling back all the legislation (Dodd Frank) put in place to stop banks from ever destroying the economy once more.  Again, no former government experience.  He made hundreds of millions of dollars in the foreclosures and selling of worthless financial instruments, sending many to suicide.  A great resume.  One which will see Trump enterprises gain millions, possibly billions of dollars in hidden money and asset transfers
  • Attorney General. Jeff Sessions: A racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist and a liar.  Gave a speech praising the KKK while criticizing the NAACP and ACLU.  Adam Serwer, The Atlantic, said “witnesses testified that Sessions referred to a black attorney as ‘boy,’ described the Voting Rights Act as ‘intrusive,’ attacked the NAACP and ACLU as ‘un-American’ for ‘forcing civil rights down the throats of people,’ joked that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was ok until he found out they smoked marijuana, and referred to a white attorney who took on voting-rights cases as a  ‘traitor to his race.’” Sessions will face scrutiny over how he intends to enforce civil- and voting-rights laws as attorney general.

 Department of Homeland Security. Retired General John Kelly.  He has warned about the danger of terrorists using known drug smuggling routes to send operatives to the United States through Mexico, which was a theme for Trump on the campaign trail.  The usual medication for paranoia is Lithium and Prolixin.

  Department of Health and Human Services. Representative Tom Price, a leading critic of the Affordable Care Act, and an architect of Republican proposals to replace the health law. Before entering politics in the 1990s, Price was an orthopedist for 20 years in Atlanta. A longstanding desire to convert Medicare into a voucher program.

  • Department of Energy. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry.  His experience in energy-rich Texas is inapplicable to the agency’s work of designing and protecting the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. The last two energy secretaries.
  • Department of Labor. Alexander Acosta caused a scandal over the politicization of the hiring of S. attorneys.  Faulted for inappropriately considering politics and ideology when screening federal prosecutors.


  •  Department of Education. Betsy DeVoiss, is a major advocate for education reform centered on expanding charter schools and private-school vouchers.  She supported unfettered and unregulated expansion of charter schools and vouchers.  When she ran the school system in Michigan, those schools were rated the worst in the nation.

  Department of the Interior. Ryan Zinke.  Supported mining and drilling on public land.  Environmentalists immediately denounced the Zinke nomination, citing his support for mining and drilling and his skepticism about climate change.  He committed “travel fraud” while serving in the Navy special-forces unit SEAL Team 6. 

  • Department of Commerce. Wilbur Ross.  Another billionaire, Ross is the chairman of a private equity firm that he founded and later sold. For 25 years, he led Rothschild Inc., where he made a reputation as a turnaround specialist who bought up and restructured steel, textile, and mining companies, among other industries.  He is an out-of-touch plutocrat who outsourced jobs and slashed benefits at the companies he restructured. He’ll also face questions over the 2006 explosion at a mine run by one of his companies. 
  • Department of Agriculture. Sonny Perdue.  He grew up on a farm and earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine. 
  • Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt.  Former attorney general of Oklahoma, and in that position he has led the conservative legal fight against the Obama administration’s agenda to combat climate change. Along with other Republican attorneys general, he sued to stop the administration’s climate rules—a case that is still pending in federal court. Like Trump, he has voiced doubts about the science behind climate change and its connection to man-made activities. 
  • Director, Office of Management and Budget. Mick Mulvaney, a hard-line conservative, voted for budget and debt proposals that called for steep pending cuts across discretionary and entitlement spending programs. 
  • Director, CIA.  Mike Pompeo.   Before running for Congress, he served as an Army captain and then started a company that manufactured parts for commercial and military airplanes.  Making his position totally in conflict with his mandate to resolve conflicts and maintain peace, not start them and benefit the military / industrial complex.

Can you imagine how much money the oil companies, the pipeline companies, the coal industry, the industrial polluters would pay for one year, two years, four years of no restrictions on their businesses?   Hundreds of millions of dollars.   Possibly billions.  And through a convoluted web of businesses, all that money will wind up with Trump, Inc.  If you think this can’t happen, hasn’t happened, Trump has some swampland in Florida to see you.

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