Trump is using coercion and short-term tactics to add jobs in the manufacturing sector.  Threatening companies with retaliatory measures if they did not bring manufacturing jobs back on shore paints a distorted picture.

In 1950, manufacturing jobs made up 28.3% of GDP.  Now it is 11% of the economy.

At an average salary of $57,000, America cannot compete with China.  In fact, China can’t compete with China and is off-shoring jobs to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines where people make between $3000 and $7,000 per year.

To focus our attention of China is misdirected.  The Chinese government is transitioning to a service and technology-driven society.  And it is off-shoring manufacturing just as American companies are doing, or were doing before Donald Trump decided to interfere.

Trying to bring back coal or manufacturing jobs is like beating a dead horse.

The only area that America can compete in is service and technology.  There is where we have the advantage.  Our cost of labor in manufacturing is three times higher than China and eight times higher than Vietnam.

Every single one of Trump’s so called victories is in fact stalling the growth of the service and technology sector.

One example…for every one coal job saved, the country could add five jobs in solar or alternative energy

Many more jobs in manufacturing were lost do to technology and robotics than competition from other countries.

Supporting manufacturing jobs only delays the inevitable switch to a service oriented economy and a technology-driven world.

The reason there are so many people in temp jobs or the gig economy is because workers are not being trained for the jobs of the future.  American spends 1/10th as much as other industrialized nations on retraining its workers.  That is a disgrace.

The fact is, any remaining manufacturing jobs will soon give way to technology: robotics, computers smart algorithms.

The number of people employed in the car industry, clothes production and now warehouse work (think Amazon) has been declining for decades and will continue to do so.

Most the new manufacturing jobs are due to threats Trump has made.  When Trump goes, the threats will stop and economic reality to return.

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