1) Vladimir Putin, and every Russian leader since Gorbachev, has been lied to by America. The agreement between Gene Bush Sr., representing America, and Mikhail Gorbachev was that if the USSR allowed the wall to come down and East and West Germany re-unite, America and NATO would not expand eastward, would not arm the newly independent countries and would not push the East European countries once under Soviet control to join the EU. Every single president since Bush Sr. has broken every promise ever made to Russia and pushed Putin to the edge.
Washington betrayed Russia, and NATO added twelve eastern European countries in three subsequent rounds of enlargement. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive actions in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 were fueled by his ongoing resentment about what he saw as the West’s broken pact over NATO expansion.
Instead of isolating and alienating Russia, any sane government would propose a way out, an exit strategy, such as offering Russia entry to NATO and to the EU. Far fetched? Ridiculous? No, the irreversible will come when Russia is left with no choice but to grow by territorial expansion.
Russia under Mikhail Gorbachev sought a partnership with the West. It cooperated with NATO in several wars, joining peace-keeping operations led by the alliance in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996. Only after the U.S. broke its earlier promises, did Russia decide to regain stature and a protective buffer between it and the West by invading Georgia, Ukraine, and finally Crimea. Russia did not act in those situations, they reacted…to the U.S.’s policy of aggression and containment against Russia.
Why, you may ask would the U.S. and the West dismiss an opportunity to bring in a country that was instrumental in defeating Germany during the Second World War? Just refer to George Orwell and his novel, ‘1984.’ He spelled it out clearly…’For a nation to control its citizenry, for a nation to be able to pass harsh laws, there must be an enemy to focus on, to fear, to hate.’ That is what our government and are military are doing today. Word for word! They copied George Orwell’s play book.
Russia is not our enemy. China is not our enemy. Our own government is the enemy. And that is why the political system has to change.

2) The news proclaimed that Russia invaded Ukraine. And when you hear something enough times from enough sources, you being to believe it. It was Ukraine that invaded the Donblas region of Ukraine, the eastern part of Ukraine that is comprised of mostly Russia people.
Ukraine does nothing without the permission and backing of the U.S. Petro Porshenko is a puppet of the U.S. government. He is a Kleptocrat (rule by thieves), a billionaire chocolate manufacturer a thief, a liar and most of all a man who believes and practices ethnic cleansing. He believes, as do his closest advisors, Russian are subhuman and must be exterminated like cockroaches.
The U.S. has used Ukraine as an excuse to deploy weapons systems ever closer to the border with Russia, trying to provoke a reaction that will lead to the U.S. military industrial complex building new weapons systems and deploying more defenses.
It is America who initiated the war in the East, not Russia. Russia is only reacting to U.S. / Ukraine aggression. The military/industrial complex wants a “shooting war” with Russia and / or China. That’s how officers are promoted; it’s how billions in profits are made, it’s how a new generation of soldiers are trained.
It is Poroshenko, urged on and backed by the U.S., who is the aggressor.
Ukraine is a basket case of a country. The average Ukrainian is probably 20% poorer than she was when the Soviet Union collapsed. If we look at the total size of the economy (measured in real GDP terms) the decline is even sharper: 30%. Ukraine is one of the world’s most corrupt countries. Ukraine is the world’s most unequal country. Ukrainian banks, non-performing loans make up about one-third of their assets (though some say it is much higher than this). Inflation is currently above 100%) From now until the end of 2016 Ukraine has about $14 billion-worth of external debt repayments. That is just what is currently due. The total debt is many times more. We should be begging Putin to take it back.

3) Damn Russians interfered with our election! Bastards! How could they dare do that? If they were a democracy like we are, they would never have done such a thing!!
Really? We showed them how it’s done.
In 2011, protests arose in more than 70 cities across Russia, threatening Putin’s control of the Kremlin. The uprising was organized by a popular blogger, Alexi Navalny, who used Twitter and Facebook to get crowds into the streets. That effort was funded by our State Department under the auspices of Hilary Clinton. The campaign against Putin was blatant attempt by the U.S. to interfere with and manipulate the results of an election in a foreign country. The State Department lamely admitted to “Only funding pro-democracy organizations in Russia and elsewhere.
In the end, Putin’s forces won out. End of story?
After his reelection the following year, Putin instructed his new head of military intelligence, Igor Serun to begin re-purposing cyber weapons previously used for psychological operations in war zones for use in “electioneering” …like those used against him.
Russian intelligence funded botnet spamming operations and fake news outlets as well. But the greatest advancement came when a Russian programmer who had worked in the U.S. returned to Russia bringing with him a trove of algorithms that could be used to influence operations. The programmer who built the algorithms was trained in America.
But our government would never resort to those measures…would they?

And why is the media so angry at Trump? The media’s agenda is to “stir the pot”, engage readers and viewers, create enemies. Bad new sells better than good news. An enemy gives people someone to fear and hate, taking their minds off the fact that the government takes everything from them. It is classic Orwellian. Yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy (Russia lost twenty million dead in WWII, taking the brunt of the German war machine). And yesterday’s enemies are today’s friends: Japan and Germany. The day changes, the enemy changes. Ratings go up when there is an enemy. Ratings go up when the people are afraid.
The spy agencies and the national security agencies are raging about this. Of course! In times of peace, their budgets are slashed, their numbers decrease. They need enemies, they need wars. It’s business as usual.

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