Trump wants Iran to stop funding Hezbollah and Hamas and abandon theocracy and democratize, while at the same time breaks the nuclear arms deal, keeps sanctions in place, and works to stop other countries from doing business with the country.

Trump wants China to stop subsidizing its SOE (state owned enterprises), open its markets to American firms, while, at the same time, places tariffs on Chinese exports, and holds one of their business leader in jail (in Canada).

He demands Russia stop making new hypersonic missiles, while forever encroaching on Eastern European states with carrots to join the EU and / or NATO and demanding that Germany not of ahead with Nord stream 2,   And he unilaterally abandon the intermediate range nuclear missile treaty

V.P. Mike Pence stated in a speech said, “It is inevitable that good will triumph over evil.”  It’s hard to even respond to such religious diatribe.

This policy guarantees long-term confrontation.  Whenever a country builds s a new weapons system, or makes a threatening move in opposition to U.S. policy, the military / industrial complex benefits.

U.S. policy, for decades, has been to create an unstable world where our military and transnational corporations go into a weak country and take control of the government and natural resources.

America is no partner, no ally, no savior.  American foreign policy is self-serving, not altruistic.  And it is the military / industrial complex and transnational corporations that set foreign policy, not the administration.  And Donald Trump is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by men who can manipulate this fool we call our president.

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