• Ignored threewarnings, beginning in mid-December, by the CIA that Covid 19 was spreading in China and would soon reach America with the potential to kill millions
  • Did nothing for almost THREE MONTHS while deciding whether or not to announce an emergency. He was evaluating how action or inaction would affect his chance for reelection.  Fact: if Trump had acted immediately on the advice of the CIA, there would be 1/10th the number of dead to day.
  • Claimed China created the virus in a lab and released it to kill Americas. Every noted virologist said that it is impossible that the virus was made in a lab and distrusted.
  • Blamed the World Health Organization for helping China hid the dangers of the virus. Blamed the virus on Democrats for being lax on immigration rules in their states while providing no evidence of that.
  • Claimed he was in charge of how and when the states would reopen. Fact; the constitution endows the power on the states.
  • Without test kits, without proper protective gowns, gloves, masks, the US was testing 5% as many people as other rich countries.
  • Said test kits were available in large numbers in every state when in fact there were next to none.
  • Most of the $2-$3 trillion dollar bail-out goes to large corporations, not to individuals or small businesses.
  • The total cost of the bailout will be $6-$8 trillion dollars. That money does not magically appear. The money will increase the national debt 30% and will be paid for by taxpayers, not corporations. It will take decades to repay, with the lower and middle class feeling the brunt of the burden.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that states should be allowed to go bankrupt. This senile old man who has directed U,S. policy for decades did not even know that sates cannot declare bankruptcy (only cities).
  • There are now 72,000 dead in America out of 258,000 in the world. That is 28% the world total.  There are now 1.24 million case of Covid-19 in America.  That is 34% of the total in the world.
  • The S.A. was (until just a week ago) testing at 1/10th to 1/00th the rate of other countries.
  • Trump has fired almost all the people in the CDC, and other agencies who did not support his insane ideas (swallow bleach or disinfectant, use ultraviolet light, preferable on the inside of the body).
  • Trump’s only concern during the emergency is how it will affect his reelection chances. I can assure you that if it meant every single person in the S. had to contract the virus and if ten times as many people had to die (compared to how many have already died), Trump would happily accept those numbers.
  • If you still believe Trump is a human being, with normal human emotions, you would be wrong. He is a sociopath, a non-feeling, non-caring, inhumane, degenerate, insane, corrupt, thieving, lying monster who crawled out of the lowest, slimiest sewer.

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