Both men are/were head-hunting demigods who lash out at the press. Showmen who react on instinct rather than consider matters more deeply.
Just as McCarthy, Trump is now seeking outside support to discredit critics, i.e., Robert Mueller.
I believe Trump sees the writing on the wall, sees his career ending in defeat and disgrace, and hopefully in bankruptcy and prison.
In an amazing contortion of the facts and truth, Trump accused Mueller of “McCarthy-like tactics.
Both Trump and McCarty used whatever issues were / are at hand to dominate the news and consolidate power.
In an amazing twist of fate, the man who most influence and supported McCarthy, Roy Cohn, also represented Trump in NY real estate battles.
Both had little regard for the truth. Facts were a means to an end, things to be manipulated, then discarded.
Trump tweeted that his attorney’s, McGahn’s, cooperation with the special counsel was different than John Dean’s cooperation with the Watergate investigation 44 years previous and that McGahn was not a “rat.”
The fact that the president sees the parallels means he sees his future slipping away.
While most people pay close attention to the search for collusion between Trump and the Russian to turn the election, I have looked deeper into the work of the special counsel and the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of NY. There is a great deal of work being done following the money. For over 10 years, Trump has been directly involved with laundering money for Russian oligarchs, shifting their stolen and usurped moneys into clean NY real-estate. And that is in violation of the RICCO statutes: an on-going criminal conspiracy. All his assets may be frozen and it may become necessary for Trump to prove those assets were not benefited by “ill-begotten gains.” He hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years. I am certain the Southern District attorney will find a plethora of improper and illegal deductions and quickly force the liquidation of all Trump s (highly leveraged) properties.
The greatest sense of satisfaction for me would be to see Donald relegated to living life like of the people he cheated and lied to his entire immoral, gross, degenerate life.
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