On Trump’s recent trip to Britain, where Fox News no longer broadcasts, he was forced to listen to CNN.  That upset him so much he tweeted, “All negative.  Fake News.  Very bad for the U.S., big ratings drop.  Why doesn’t AT&T do something?  People should stop subscribing to AT&T (the parent company of CNN).

The president is encouraging economic retaliation against a U.S. telecom for political reasons.

In many places in America (rural, the South), AT&T is the only choice and customers would have no where else to go

So far, his base has ignored call to boycott Nike and Harley Davidson.

Trump would love to take complete control of the media as Victor Orban in Hungary, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Rodrigo Duterte in The Philippines, and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil are attempting to do.  These men are his heroes who he seeks to both emulate and surpass.

Trump needs to be muzzled like the mad dog he is, then euthanized.

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