On a visit to our border with Mexico, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insisted that America was running concentration camps on or southern border.

Conditions at the camps are described as horrific. Where Trump has punitively penned up nearly 50,000 asylum seekers as if they were animals,

Children sleep on concrete floors beneath glaring lights that are never turned off…just like at Gitmo.

The people have no soap, no toothpaste or brushes.

Mother’s have no water to clean their bottles and clothes and utensils.  Sickness is spreading.  Seven children have died.

Let’s be clear.  These people are NOT illegal.  They are asylum seekers, running from threats of death form the cartels that exist only because America does not legalize drugs.

Every individual in the world has a right to petition a country for asylum.  And if their justifications can be verified, they are going sanctuary.

Some camps are so over crowded, people stand on toilets to find space to breathe.

Trump hates any people who are not white and hopes that by treating them as sub-humans, they will no longer try to enter the country.

The pattern Trump uses to treat immigrants as his does mimics the Holocaust, which began wit dehumanizing propaganda (all immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, sinister, murdering ,marauding aliens), discriminatory laws (allying only to Mexicans), being rounded up and deported rather than their applications for asylum being considered.

One idiot, Vivian Jones of suggested these people are free to leave.  The arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, callousness, inhumanness of this statement is truly amazing.  These people are fleeing for their lives: threatened, killed, robbed, body parts taking from them while they are alive and, raped, extorted.  If they return they will surely be killed as an example to others who may consider leaving.

This person, Vivian Jones, should be euthanized to make way for people who have compassion and understanding and love in the beings.

Maybe some day she will learn the lesson when she is on “the other side of the fence.”

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