President Trump’s strategy with North Korea is a sad joke.  While he professes that Kim Jong-un is his friend and that a nuclear deal is close at hand, North Korea keeps building up its nuclear program. It has even rebuilt the missile sights it partially tore down to shoo their “sincerity” when negotiating with the Americans.

When the treasury department sanctioned to Chinese shipping firms for assisting North Korea evade trade sanctions – a crackdown applauded by NSA chief, John Bolton, Trump reversed the action in a tweet.  “I have, today, ordered the withdrawal of those additional sanctions.”

The explanation came from Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said, “Trump likes Kim Jong-un and doesn’t think the sanctions will be necessary.”

Trump’s incompetence reaches new heights every day.

Kim plays Trump like a second hand fiddle.  He has zero intent to stop, limit or destroy any existing missiles.

What Kim is doing is pressuring South Korean President Moon Jae-in to pull away from America and forge deals directly with North Korea.

Trump has no clue what Kim’s objective are.  He thinks international relations are based on liking or disliking other leaders.  That’s why Trump said, “Boris Johnson should be rime minister of England.  He says nice things about me.”

Trump is no more than a child.  He is stupid, ignorant, unschooled, and lived in a fantasy land of his own creation.

President Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of Chin and Bashar al-Assad of Syria must be laughing and shaking their heads, wondering how they could be so lucky as to have a fool as the American president.

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