Donald has already tested his campaign theme at various rallies, “I’ll protect you.”

In a rambling, profane, two-hour speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump assured his base that they were under siege from dangerous illegal immigrants, socialists who hate America, and “gun-grabbing liberals.”

He assured those people – blue-collar, older, non-urban whites – that only he could save them.

While most incumbents stress their accomplishments and goals, Trump focuses on running on a platform based on fear, rather than hope.

Trump speaks only to his base, disregarding, dismissing the rest of the electorate.  He warns that “The American way of Life” is in danger of being taken away from them by left wing radicals.

Instead of worrying that most of his agenda has been stifled by the courts and Congress, Trump has turned that around, portraying himself as the lone figure standing up for the common man.

While some Republicans think Trump needs to expand his base and woo back suburbanites, Trump is intent on doubling down on the strategy that got him elected the first time

He wants everyone to feel threatened and believe that only he can protect their way of life.

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