Trump has said numerous times that Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate he fears the most.

Since then, Biden has been number one in all poles taken of potential democratic voters.

This is a ruse.  Donald Trump does not fear Biden.  In fact, he is trying to get the DNC to put all its resources behind Joe Biden.

The DNC did the same thing in 2016.  They backed Hilary while all the poles showed Bernie Sanders up by 16 percentage points.

Donald Trump will destroy Biden in any debates.  Joe has so much baggage he can’t possibly stand up to the withering tirades Trump will heap upon him.

Donald really fears Elizabeth Warren, Kamila Harris and Peter Bootegege: people who think faster than he does, have a better command of the English language, have real programs to offer the country and real ways to pay for those programs.

Don’t be fooled by Donald again.  His is a trickster, slimy, two-faced, demeaning, disgusting, deranged, diabolical and cares nothing for human life or the environment.  Let’s back the right candidate and get Trump out of the Oval Office and available for the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New  York to question, charge and indict deal old Donald.

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