RT (Russian Television) sent in reporters right after the announcement of the chemical attack in Syria, which  took place Tuesday, April 4 in Khan Shaykhun.

They interviewed many people from the neighborhood.  They ALL said that they heard nothing, saw nothing, smelled nothing.

The news team then showed the residents a video taken by the “White Hats” (an organization whose actions are self-serving, or provide any footage required for the right amount of dollars or Euros.  That video showed the residents were being hosed down, supposedly to wash off the chemicals that were burning and choking the victims.

Upon seeing the video, the residents said that the children were there because an announcement was passed around that there was food available at the hospital.

Once there, the children were doused with cold water, pushed and shoved until they started crying.

The news team located one of the boys who was in the video who told them he was only there because of the possibility of food.

He said his eyes were red in the video because the White Hat people rubbed his face very hard with a rough piece of cloth.

Bottom line: There was no chemical attack.  Western governments never conducted an examination of the buildings for chemical residue.  They never interviewed the residence.  They simply went in and bombed Syrian bases on the exact same premise we bombed Iraq in 2003.  Donald Trump needed a boost in his ratings as did Teresa may of England and Emanuel Macron in France.

Once again, the people were duped.  They could at least have the courtesy of coming up with a different story.

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