Donald Trump’s entire career has been based on applause.  He will hear something, repeat it, then, based on the reaction to it from the public or politicians, or whichever group he is trying to impress or win over, he will either drop the idea or stick with it.

He is a chameleon.  One day left, one day right, simply based on what he hears in return.

And he gets ideas from the far right talk shows.  For example, regarding Obama’s birth certificate, he said, “Never had one,” or, “it’s a fake.”  When that finally became old and over worked, he switch off to other titillating topics.

When he said John McCain was not a war hero, he was following a line than began on far right talk shows.  Also, as draft dodger he could not hold a candle to McCain.  Since he couldn’t go back and make himself over as a soldier and a hero, the next best thing was to diminish McCain.

Trump tweets derive from half truths arising from the talk shows.  He adds his spin, then regurgitates it back to whoever will listen.

Trump craves the attention of the media and will say and do everything and anything to keep himself on the top of the news stories.

His only criteria for picking up on a story and running with it, is that it gets attention of magazines, TV, radio.

He appeals to people who like to be led, to be told what to believe and what to say. He is their champion.

Trump has destroyed the very basis of democracy in America that presidents tell the truth. Trump is a new breed, a subhuman who would tear down institutors, the very framework of the constitution, in order to be held in higher esteem. He doesn’t care if it’s true or not true, whether it destroys a person’s reputation and life, or that there is no morality in it.  It only matters how it helps him.

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