Administrations want war so they can pas legislation easier. More spying, more jobs for patronage, more power. It’s an old game first spelled out by George Orwell in “1984” If you read that book, you will find the administration’s policy word for word with what Orwell wrote 70 years ago.
As for the next greatest threat: China. That is ridiculous beyond words. China wants only to grow economically. The vying for the small islands between China and the Philippines and Vietnam and Myanmar are for bragging rights. They have nothing to do with territorial expansion.
The greatest threat to world peace is North Korea. And, up until recently, China was on the side of the U.S., pressuring North Korea to not test more missiles or nuclear weapons tests. That all stopped with the U.S. military pivot to Asia. Because of that, China now sees North Korea as a buffer between it and South Korea. China is now trading more with North Korea that’s ever because of U.S. policy.
A Chinese official said, “It is impossible to cooperate fully (with America) on the Korean peninsula as long as the U.S. continues to engage in provocative behavior there.
So no, instead of an ally putting pressure on the world’s must dangerous and unstable regime in the world, we have an enemy on the side of that country. Isn’t that forward thinking by our illustrious leaders?

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