The greatest threat to Japan and South Korea, potentially all of Asia, and in a few years, the United States, is North Korea.

Presently, South Korea is the prime target of the North due to its long term goal of unifying the peninsula.

Right now, there is only one course of action in trying to thwart North Korea’s stated ambitions.  And that is diplomacy: sanctions, economic embargo.

And there is only one country that has any leverage against North Korea, and that is China with whom North Korea does 85% of its trade.  Without China, North Korea would implode.

So, how do we get China’s cooperation?  Diplomacy, stronger economic ties?  The trump administration wants to get it by declaring China a currency manipulator, a country that subsidizes it export industries and by not continuing U.S. policy of accepting Taiwan as a part of China.

But the greatest concern to China is the U.S. placing a missile defense system in South Korea.  China sees this as provocative and a direct threat to their sovereignty

So the Trump administration, that goes along with anything the military says and does, followed though and placed THADD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in South Korea.

The U.S. has stated numerous times that the system is no threat to China and that it is only to deter a North Korea missile strike against the South.

That does seem reasonable….right?

Well, actually, it is not.

THADD only works against high altitude missiles and knocks them out on the way down.

99% of North Korea artillery stationed at the DMZ is convention weapons systems that are low trajectory and cannot be brought down, or even seen by THADD.

All THADD has does is alienate China which, as I said, is our only leverage against North Korea, and caused North Korea to place even more of its conventional artillery at the border.

This sound like a joke, right?  Some kind of reverse psychology, a bait and switch routine.

Unfortunately, this is real.

As I said in a previous article, the real enemy is not China, or even North Korea.  It is our military that is itching for a fight: train officers for the next generation of leaders (something that can only be done in combat), test new weapons systems, and make the military / industrial complex (many) billions of dollars.  And when the generals who argue for war retire, a corner off and an eight figure salary will be waiting for them in the offices of Martin Marietta, Oshkosh, SAIC, United Technologies, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumann, Boeing, Halliburton.

War is big business.  The profit to these companies is in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  If some innocent people have to die, if the one trillion dollars we spend on the military means poverty has to exist in America, many do not get and education, the infrastructure crumbles…well, that is just collateral damage, as the military likes to say.

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