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I am a cosmologist / astronomer concerned with the amount of resources the Air Force is devoting to the UFO issue.  To the point…

I wouldn’t spend too much time and energy on UFOs and aliens.  Following is the reader’s digest version of the possibility of alien life.…

The Roswell incident is still a thing today because people can’t let go of it.  A weather balloon crashed, pieces were recovered, end of story.  But in the 1970s, the media jumped back on the story, and it’s spiraled out of control since then.  The tale continues to propagate, despite the fact that the only people who have ever really claimed to have seen the aliens or the spacecraft are out of work undertakers, and some inbred, backwater, moon shiner, banjo-playing, slow-talking hicks.

Every military man initially involved in the search of the rash site said the material was aluminum foil and sticks.  But when some rancher was offered money years later for his story, all of a sudden, it became an alien ship with survivors.  When reporters spoke again to some of the military men involved in the initial search, and offered money for their story, all of a sudden, their stories changed.

When you travel in weightless space you lose 1% of bone mass per month.  Astronauts coming back from just a few months in space can’t even stand up or walk.  (Unless you can somehow simulate gravity; in other words, travel as a planet), longer trips would mean total disability.  On Earth, we are protected from radiation by the atmosphere.  In space there is no protection.  Astronauts would die from radiation exposure in a matter of weeks unless some very advanced way was found to protect them.

The nearest galaxy, Andromeda, is 2.54 million light years away.  The most advanced form of space travel imaginable projects a possible speed of 25% the speed of light.  So, that means it would take about ten million years for a ship to reach us.

Wait.  How about wormholes to other parts of the universe.  Yes, I forgot about that.  Let’s see, well, you’d have to hold a wormhole open so that the space ship is not stretched to infinity in the singularity.  That takes all the power in an entire galaxy.  (Based on the calculations of Micho Kaku – the foremost living astrophysicist).  Any other interesting ideas?  The level of technical sophistication to overcome bone loss, radiation poisoning, artificial gravity, suspended animation, (cryogenics – the freezing of people – cold makes the cells in the brain explode) or four thousand generations of people does not exits in a universe where gravity, the elements (90% hydrogen, 9% helium, 1% lithium) and the laws of physics hold true to the very edges of universe.  There is no mulitverse, no 11 dimensions.  There is one universe that contracts and expands through infinity.

Let’s say a race of beings came from a solar system very close to us, say a billion light years away. After all, the universe is 13.7 billion light years in size, so that’s really close.  And, since nothing can exceed the speed of light, it would take at least 4 billion years to get here.  Since material objects increase in mass as they approach the speed of light, it is impossible to get anywhere near the speed of light.  So, let’s choose 25% the speed of light, or 46,500 miles per second.  That is 167,400,000 miles per hour.  The fastest object every launched from earth reached a speed of 36,000 miles per hour.  So we are talking about a space ship going 4,650 times as fast.


Anyway, this ship will require four billion years to reach Earth.  Four billion years in space.  That is 133,333,333 generations.  Wow!  I guess they’d need a lot of food and water.  Let’s say there are 30 people on the ship.  Roughly three pounds of food and water a day per person equals 90 pounds per day times 365 days = 32,850 pounds per year.  (I hope the food is freeze dried; it’s going to have to keep for a while).  So, 32,850 times four billion years = 131,400,000,000,000 pounds of food.  That’s 131.4 quadrillion pounds of food.  Let’s see, how many refrigerators would that take?  Just kidding.


So, let’s just say that they overcome all that.  They get here and crash.  They just spent millions of years traveling through the universe, navigating around comets and asteroids and super novas and sun flashes of intense radiation, and at the last second crash into earth.  Their ship doesn’t burn up in the atmosphere at temperatures of tens of thousands of degrees, they crash land at 25,000 miles an hour but it doesn’t obliterate the ship and kill the inhabitants, they can breathe our oxygenated air because it’s exactly the same as the air on their planet, and they are taken prisoner.  It’s never scientists, only some backwater farmers, eighty year old undertakers, and a few moon shiners who see these ships or aliens or get “beamed up,” or “experimented on.”

A race of intelligent beings capable of navigating a billion light years of space or using wormholes or gravity ways, or technology we cannot imagine all of sudden crash on Earth.  There are two trillion galaxies.  Five hundred billion stars in the average galaxy.  Five plants around the average star, but they just happen to crash land on Earth.  A ship entering the Earth atmosphere would be traveling at 23 times the speed of sound and experiencing heat of 2,500 Fahrenheit, (As the Space Ship Columbia was when he broke apart).  So the alien ship is damaged, but manages to land almost intact and the

Well, surely there have been visitors to Earth, maybe even interbred with humans.  Okay, that sounds reasonable.  Let’s see.  Species on Earth with genetic make-up 99% the same can’t interbreed, but a species from a billion light years away can.

Aliens millions of years advanced come here and instruct humans to build monuments to their greatness like the pharaohs.  They don’t teach us medicine or give us cures for diseases, or how to preserve the environment.  A race advanced intellectually a million years cares only about pyramids.

Pyramids were built by man.  They learned along the way.  They started small and as the technology evolved, they built them bigger.  This technology has been proven by modern men using the simple tools available to people in the times of the pharos.


Lights, seen by millions of people…moving at inconceivable speeds.  These are scientifically documented “superior mirages.”  “Superior Mirages” happen when the ground is very hot and the air is cool. The hot ground warms a layer of air just above the ground.  When the light moves through the cold air and into the layer of hot air it is refracted (bent). A layer of very warm air near the ground refracts the light from the sky nearly into a U-shaped bend.  Whole cities, eighty miles away have been seen on the horizon (three miles away).  Refracting beams of light in the sky is a hell of a lot easier than whole cities.

Wait.  There have been so many sighting of lights; surely some of them must be true?  Sure.  The aliens come from trillions of miles away (one light year is 6 trillion miles.  Multiply that by billions of light years.)  They zigzag in the sky, impressing us with they technology, then turn around and go home.  That makes sense.

How about the people who have been abducted!  Oh, right.  There was that Nobel Prize winner, chemist, economist, college professor, and newspaper reporter.  Oh, I’m sorry.  That’s not right.


How about the people who have seen aliens at Site 51 at Roswell?  How about the untold number of people who would say and do anything for notoriety or money?  Or because they are just plain crazy?  That might be a greater number than all the stars in the universe.


And if that’s not enough for you, how about the fact that we are the only civilization in the universe.  Wait!  How can I say that?

The universe is 13.82 billion years old.  The first galaxies formed three hundred million years after the big bang.  Our solar system if five billion years old.  That means other civilizations began to evolve 9.32 billion years before ours.  They would surely have searched the universe for other life.  We went from the covered wagons to sighting exo-plants in a little more than two hundred.  To think that any civilization 9.3 billions years more advanced than ours could not have located us by now seems, to me, highly unlikely.

There is a solution to these conundrums.  People need to get a life.  My studies indicate that it is the people who are most unhappy in their lives, or are unfulfilled emotionally, financially or physically who believe in conspiracy theories.      Their lives are so boring that they need to believe in angels, ghosts, aliens, Sasquatch, and UFOs because they have nothing else of interest to live for.  And it’s a lot easier to find something interesting and fantastic out there than to develop new qualities in their own lives.


Dr. Jeffry Weiss



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