Two months ago, Ivanka Trump boarded Air force One on her way to meet with victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.  For that special, solemn occasion, where thousands of people lost their homes and possessions and businesses, she wore stiletto high heels.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

Last week, on her way to visit the desperate and destitute children separated from their parents by the act of her dear husband, Donald, she wore a jacket that said, “I don’t care, do you?”

At a U.N. event to gain awareness for child hunger, she wore a $3000 designer dress.

Now, some say there was a hidden message involved…scorning her husband’s policies, mocking those who devoted their life’s work to noble causes.

Well, they would be wrong.  There was no hidden message or ulterior motive.  The woman is a sociopath.  There is a complete disconnect between the plight and suffering of others and her elevated position as first lady.

She was made in the image of her husband, Donald Trump, the highest-ranking sociopath in U.S. history.

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