In America, people think the President runs the country.  That is not true.  He is a figure head.  He has very little power.  In my research, I found that there are three groups that hold the power.  1) The corporations.  For them he has tried to pass the TTP.  This deal will benefit our big corporations and harm regular people.  2) bankers.  Obama passed a law that states if there is another banking failure, the banks will not have to put up collateral to insure the American people they will be repaid for the loan.  Now, that is no longer required.  If there is a banking failure, the American people, not t he banks will pay for it.  3) Military.  There is a quote from the greatest psychologist of all time, Abraham Maslow.  “If you are trained to use a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”  For the military, “if you are trained to fight, then everyone looks like the enemy.  Generals want war for many reasons.  It is called the military / industrial complex because it is two sides of the same program.  If generals push for war, then new weapons systems are built.  These companies then hire the generals when their careers are over and give them million dollar salaries for doing nothing.  Every cruise missile cost one million dollars.  The more military hardware that gets built, the more money the military industrial complex makes, the more generals they hire when they retire from the military.  Also, soldiers only get promoted in war, so they look for opportunities to fight…like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya.  But those are considered “skirmishes,” not real war.  So now they are pressuring Russia.  I wrote about this many times.  The American generals think that Russia will back down due to American superior weapons.  But Putin will definitely not back down.  He is a like a cornered badger (the most vicious animal on the planet).  He will fight back.  And if he feels he is going to be overrun  and his military wiped out, he will us nuclear weapons.  I am a very pragmatic person.   I do not create wild scenarios.  I am not ruled by my emotions.  In this case, I cannot tell you what is going to happen.   I do not know what is going through the minds of the U.S. generals.  But they are vastly underestimating Putin’s resolve and also the quality of the Russian military which Putin spent tens of billions pf dollars building and modernizing.

The last American president who tried to control the military was John F. Kennedy.  And it was the CIA who, along with the Mafia, killed him.  He was going to disband the CIA after their failure at the Bay of Pigs.  And he was going to pull the troops out of Vietnam.  Ever since then, no president has gone against the military and tried to dictate policy to them.

We can only sit back and watch.  But if there is a war, the US. Has more to lose.  All of our vital resources are in a few cities: Los Angels (ports for imports and exports), New York (financial center), Space Center in Florida, Houston Texas (oil refining) Seattle (the base for nuclear subs).  Maybe six-ten critical targets.  Russia is spread out over an area at least three times the size of America.  America could never destroy Russia like Russia could destroy America.  If there is a war, the U.S. generals go to enormous bunkers built into the sides of mountains. They will be safe and really don’t care that much about the civilian population.

We can only hope that there are a few rational minds left in the U.S. Military.

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