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My latest book, “Web War One” will be available on June 2nd!! Please go to Amazon and download a version (e-book or paperback). I am certain that if you enjoyed my blog articles, you will love the book. After you read it, a positive review would be greatly appreciated. Following is a brief synopsis:

The U.S. is being subjected to a cyber attack. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Air, rail, gas and electric services have ground to a halt. With banks unable to operate, ATMs out of money and store shelves bare of food, people are starting to loot and commit even more serious crimes. The U.S. is just days away from anarchy.

A wealthy industrialist in China, Lee Han, has turned on hidden “logic bombs”, which have broken all internet connections between and among the public and private sectors in the U.S.

Han is planning to draw the Chinese Government into war by sinking his own fleet of fishing ships within the territorial waters of South Korea, Taiwan, and The Philippines. Han’s next step is to cut off the U.S. military internet, halting any U.S. response.

China needs only a narrow window of opportunity to secure their gains. At stake are billions of dollars in oil and gas hidden under the disputed islands.

With the help of an imprisoned computer hacker, a rogue CIA agent, and Lee Han’s mistress, Paul Decker slices a path through Han’s organization. But can he get to the saboteur in time to stop the invasion?

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If you appreciate my articles, please check out my books. I think you'll really enjoy them Just use the link below to go directly to my website.


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