Donald Trump has given tacit approval to White Supremacists, has endorsed the KKK, is the only country in the world to pull out of the Paris climate accord,  ended programs and legislation protecting federal lands, opening them up to fracking, oil exploration and pipelines running through some of the only drinkable water sources in the country, promoting coal over solar power, threaten nuclear war with North Korea, is spending one trillion dialers on modernizing America’s nuclear program,  ending programs that protected the country from the big banks and investment houses repeating the disaster of 2008.  He has promoted men like Judge Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, and Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck and other degenerate, mysoginist slim balls.  He not only condoms men who brutalize women, but supports them.   As in White House adie, Rob Porter.  He has threatened to throw 11 million immigrants out of the country and force Mexico to build a 25 billion dollar wall.

He called Haiti and El Salvador “shit holes.”

Everything this degenerate has supported and accomplished has had one, and only one objective, to destroy America.

Why would he do that?  What sense does in make?  What does it achieve?

Donald Trump has seen “the writing on the wall.”  He knows he is going to be impeached.  He is a bitter, ignorant, impotent old man who wants to do as much damage to the country and to the senators and congressmen who defied his orders and programs.  He couldn’t care less what happens to America.  He can simply walk away with his billions.

Not only does he not care about America, he is using all his lies and cheating and threats and demands to make certain the country is ruined.

If you find this difficult to believe, it’s simply because you do not know Donald Trump

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