First, there can be no doubt that in was Iran who attacked the Saudi Oil fields.

The bombs and missiles came from the north, not from Houthi-held territories to the south.

First Trump said he was “locked and loaded.”  Then he said, “We would like to avoid war.”

Other countries no longer believe anything Trump says.

Iran thinks America is weak and exhausted from 18 years of wars in the Middle East.

While the attacks should not go unanswered, Trump has lost some negotiating power when he opted out of the nuclear deal.

It was that action, and the subsequent sanctions that pushed Iran to take military action.  As usual, Trump’s plans had the opposite effect of what was intended.  People like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo were striving for regime change and instead initiated a war.

Trump can no longer rally other countries to support our actions or policies.

Iran is four times the size of Iraq, a country with no weapons bigger than a rifle, and we couldn’t even win there.  Iran is equipped with modern Russian weapons systems.  Making any attacker pay a high price.

While trump promised the American people he would withdraw our forces from other counties and end military action, he has done the opposite.  Enemies and opponents of America and American policy see Trump vacillating, worried more about maintaining his base for the 2020 election than he is about long term consequences for action or inaction in the Middle East.

Every effort should be made to get back to the bargaining table.  Reinstate the Nuclear deal; end some of the sanctions on Iran and a clear path to ending all sanctions.

Other than that, start another 18 year war of attrition

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