Almost every weapon N. Korea has is from the Korean War.  It’s planes are from the Vietnam era.  They have so little fuel that pilots can’t even practice maneuvers.  It has a thirty year old aircraft carrier.  No one even knows if their pilots are capable of landing on an aircraft carrier.  Everything they have for weapons is shit. Their soldiers do farming and building not military maneuvers.  They have 200,000 special forces that are well equipped and have somewhat modern weapons.  The problem is that even if the U.S. makes a first strike and takes out all the nukes (which is almost impossible because those facilities are deep underground), they still have tens of thousands of conventional weapons.  N. Korea has 90% of all their soldiers and weapons within 60 miles of the border with S. Korea.

We can hit then with choppers, tomahawk missiles, bombers, everything we’ve got and they’d still get off enough weapons to kill 3 to 5 million people in Seoul, S. Korea.  It is not a good situation.

I despise Trump but in this case he is right.  Need to show North Korea that they face inhalation if they continue to endanger the world.

In 5 years they will have nuclear weapons that can reach America (nothing now).  The risk is to South Korea which lies in range of North Korea’s conventional  weapons.  So, better now than later.

My plan is the best.  offer the generals in North Korea amnesty if they kill Kim Jong-un.

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