Don’t blame Biden.  He inherited a country where there were already 400,000 people dead from Covid.  He inherited a virus where there was no testing or tracing.  He inherited an economy where unemployment was 26%.

Biden had to pump trillions into the economy to save individuals and small companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

He was forced to initiate a series of executive actions to limit the spread of the virus, to keep small businesses and individuals from going broke, to delay foreclosures, to delay student debt payments.

Then came the breakdown of the supply chain in China where 40% of the world’s goods and parts come from.  China instituted a zero tolerance for Covid.  China locked down Shanghai, with its 33 million people and the economic engine for China.

There were no parts and supplies or services available to the millions of businesses in America that depended on that source.

Then came the war in Ukraine where 30% of the words grains and fertilizer come from.

The blame lies squarely on Donald Trump who dismissed the COVID virus as trivial and one that would go away on its own.

The fact that Ukraine did not have the weapons needed to fight Russia at first was due to Trump trying to extort favors from Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Yes, the nation is suffering from inflation, but if Biden had not pumped money into the economy it would have collapsed.

Yes, there is a shortage of many foods and supplies, but that is because of China’s Covid policies.  Yes, food prices are higher but that is because of the war in Ukraine.

Covid deaths are down dramatically even after the country was hit by three new variants of Covid.

Unemployment is 3.6%

The stock Market rallied from 20,000 to 36,000 under Biden.  While it subsequently went down to 30,000 that is still a 50% rise.

No one can control Chinese policy.  No one can predict war.  No one can quickly and easily make up for the mistakes of a psychotic past president.

Biden is doing the best possible job under circumstances that were handed down to him by the incompetence, deceit and insanity of Donald Trump.

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