Well, you could say it is to fight for Allah, to protect the mother lands, to stop the infidels from ruling.  Well, you would be wrong.


The actual reasons are:


  • Money.  These people get paid, in case you didn’t know
  • Drugs.  The fighters, according to captives, are constantly high on cocaine and meth
  • For sex.  All they can handle….and with young girls.  How young?  How about 9 years old.  You see, when a man has a small dick and he has sex with a young girl, his cock is tight inside and he feels he is more of a man.  As opposed to when a needle dick has sex with a full grown woman and his cock does not touch the sides of the vagina and he feels inadequate.
  • Revenge for being mistreated by Christians, When in fact Muslims are treated equally and with more respect than they deserve, harboring as they do their hatred and plans for the demise of Christians.
  • To kill. Psychologists say that once a man kills, it becomes easier, then enjoyable, then such a part of the psyche then a need that requires constant reinforcement.  And remember, ISIS kills more Muslims than it does Christians.


That cannot be you say!  The profit Muhammad, the messenger of God instructs us.  Yes, I agree.  The Profit Muhammad instructs his followers to do as he did, to live to his standards.  Yes, again I agree.  But what were those standards?

Mohammad was a pedophile, a pederast, a sexual offender, a man who promoted the idea that it was okay to marry a six-year-old and consummate the marriage when the little girl was nine.

To those who say Muhammad married to seal an alliance, which was a retroactive excuse, had he really been set so, he could have adopted her then married her off.

The prophet was a Christian heretic possessed by demons, and the owner of slaves.  Jewish writers describe Muhammad as ‘ha-meshuggah’: ‘The Madman’, a term of contempt frequently used in the Bible for those who believe themselves to be prophets.

Muhammad killed women and children, raped his wives and ordered his followers to murder people who would not convert to Islam.  He was uneducated, illiterate, a schizophrenic, and died like an ordinary person.

Muhammad was an impostor who, in order to satisfy his ambition and his lust, propagated religious teachings that he knew to be false.  Some medieval ecclesiastical writers portrayed Muhammad as possessed by Satan, a ‘precursor of the Antichrist’ or the Antichrist himself.

Pope Benedict XVI, who previously served as professor of theology, gave a lecture that contained the following passage by Emperor Manuel II: ‘Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.’

Swami Vivekananda, in 1875, quoted and interpreted several verses of the Quran and described Muhammad as an imposter, one who held out as bait to men and women, in the name of God, to compass his own selfish needs.”


Through Muhammad’s fanaticism with whole countries destroyed and millions upon millions of people killed.  Pandit Kalicharan Sharma said that Muhammad fell victim to many evils, all his marriages were forced and improper, and that he suffered from epilepsy.  He concluded that such a person could not have been a divine messenger.

Jai Maharaj who wrote that Muhammad was in fact a terrorist, criminal and murderer whose entire life was based on victimizing innocents and indulging in mindless violence, carnage and massacre.

Maharaj chronicled Muhammad’s ‘criminal acts in the form of battles and murders, including the killing of merchants during the sacred month of Rajab, the killing of seventy merchants and nine hundred men from Mecca and the killing of the poets ‘Asma’ bint Marwan and Abu ‘Afak.”

Voltaire’s play, ‘Fanaticism’, written in 1736 was the study of religious self-serving manipulation based on an episode in the traditional biography of Muhammad in which he orders the murder of his critics.  Voltaire described the play as written in opposition to the founder of a barbarous sect who was a false prophet.

Somali-Dutch feminist writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali has called Muhammad a tyrant and a pervert.  The Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders calls Muhammad a mass murderer and a pedophile.  Scholar Ibn Warraq finds Muhammad’s message duplicitous due to abrogation of passages advocating clemency and tolerance by passages advocating ‘violent action.’”

Norman Geisler accuses Muhammad of ‘mercilessness’ towards the Jewish tribes of Medina and argues that Muhammad had no aversion to politically expedient assassinations, was not indisposed to breaking promises when he found it advantageous and engaged in retaliation towards those who mocked him.

“William Muir, in assessing Muhammad’s character, described him as cruel and faithless in dealing with his enemies.  Magnanimity or moderation are nowhere discernible features.”

Prince of Kheibar, after being subjected to inhuman torture for the purpose of discovering the treasures of his tribe, was, with his cousin, put to death on the pretext of having treacherously concealed them: and his wife was led away captive to the tent of the conqueror.

Sentence of exile was enforced by Muhammad with rigorous severity on two whole Jewish tribes at Medîna; and of a third, likewise his neighbors, the women and children were sold into distant captivity, while the men, amounting to several hundreds, were butchered in cold blood before his eyes.”

In the Battle of the Trenchin 627, Muhammad approved the beheading of some nine hundred individuals who surrendered unconditionally after a siege that lasted several weeks.  They were buried in a mass grave in the Medina market place, and the women and children were sold into slavery.

John Mason Neale accused Muhammad of pandering to his followers, arguing that he constructed Islam out of a mixture of beliefs that provided something for everyone.

Using ingenuity he pandered to the passions of his followers, and infused into his religion so much of each of those tenets to which the varying sects of his countrymen were addicted, as to enable each and all to please themselves by the belief that the new doctrine was only a reform of, and improvement on, that to which they had been accustomed.

He appealed to people devoted to the gratification of their passions by the promise of a paradise whose sensual delights were unbounded, and the permission of a free exercise of pleasures in this world.

The Prophet found it expedient to compromise with Arabian idolatry.  And hence we find the superstition and silly customs of the Ḥajj grafted on to a religion which professes to be both monotheistic in its principle, and iconoclastic in its practices.”

A careful and critical study of Islām will convince any candid mind that at first Muhammad intended to construct his religion on the lines of the Old Testament.  Abraham, the true Muslim, was his prototype, Moses his law-giver, and Jerusalem his Qiblah.  But circumstances were ever wont to change not only the Prophet’s revelations, but also his moral standards.  Islam was a religion of compromise, and Muhammad the forger of the name of God.  There is nothing which can justify the act of giving the stupid and unmeaning ceremonies of the pilgrimage all the force and solemnity of a divine enactment.

Muhammad is reported to have had mysterious seizures at the moments of inspiration.  He sometimes growled like a camel, foamed at his mouth, and streamed with perspiration.  The classic signs of an epileptic.

In the Middle Ages, the general perception of those who suffered from schizophrenic hallucinations was an unclean and incurable wretch possessed by the Devil.  He believed his revelations came from the Angel Gabriel, and that he was sent from God of purpose to deliver them unto him.”

Frank R. Freemon states Muhammad had ‘conscious control over the course of the spells and pretended to be in a religious trance.  Franz Bul is said to have observed that ‘Hysterical natures find unusual difficulty and often complete inability to distinguish the false from the true’, and this is thought to be the safest way to interpret the strange inconsistencies in the life of the Prophet.  In the same essay Duncan Black Macdonald is credited with the opinion that ‘Fruitful investigation of the Prophet’s life should proceed upon the assumption that he was fundamentally a pathological case.’

William Muir accuses Muhammad of manufacturing ‘messages from heaven’ in order to justify a lust for women and reprisals against enemies, among other sins, and the establishment of his kingdom a slave of ambition for conquest and describes him as ‘a slave of sensual passion.’  William St. Clair Tisdall also accused Muhammad of inventing revelations to justify his own desires.”

  1. S. Margoliouth, another 19th century scholar, sees Muhammad as a charlatan who beguiled his followers with techniques like those used by fraudulent mediums today. He has expressed a view that Muhammad faked his religious sincerity, playing the part of a messenger from God like a man in a play, adjusting his performances to create an illusion of spirituality. Muhammad is revealed in Ibn Ishaq’s famous biography, which is especially telling because Muslims cannot dismiss it as the writings of an enemy.

Muhammad, in his schizophrenia, epilepsy and insanity mistook for divine revelation his own unconscious.

The reality was that the voice he heard came from his own head and the sadness from the fact that other men believed him.

What do you think of the Prophet and his teachings now?  Would you welcome a follower of the Prophet Muhammad as your neighbor and allow him to interact with your young children?

Not all Muslims are violent or advocate violence.  Not all follow the teachings of Mohammed strictly.  But if Muslims are allowed to come to the West, then they must accept the teachings of the West.  No madrassas that teach only the Hadith, the words of Muhammad, no Mosque which teach hate and violence and a false history.

If Muslims can accept those covenants, then they are welcome.


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