Why do we need to get “high” each day?

“I have a question for you all…why is it so necessary for so many of us to anesthetize ourselves each day. Whether it be alcohol, marijuana, coke, meth, heroin, or pharmaceutical drugs like oxycodone or oxycoton. We live in the safest county in the world, with the best health care, education, transportation. We have two hundred channel television, video games, cell phones, movies. We have all the luxuries in the world, while people beg on the streets in India, people live in corrugated aluminum huts with no running water in South Africa, people die of starvation in Biafra, dehydration in Bangladesh, people persecuted in Sri Lanka, killed, limbs chopped off, driven from their homes, subjected to torture in the Sudan, while we live safe and secure. Don’t you think it is those people who should be anesthetized? They should have the drugs. They need to forget how truly bad their existence is? What excuse could we possibly have for needing drugs or alcohol to muddle through the day? If you believe in the power of drugs to make one happy or to forget, then why not ship those drugs to people in The Congo, Nigeria, Calcutta, Malaysia, Somalia, Yemen and Liberia?
“Have you stopped to consider the cost of that gram of cocaine, ounce of pot, bag of heroin, tab of ecstasy, snort of meth? I am not talking about the cost to you, but the cost to the people of México, Columbia, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Gangs in those countries are fighting for the right to supply drugs to us.
“The borders are closed to stop the flow of drugs we ‘ordered up. People fleeing crime, poverty and death are trapped and can’t escape because of the border restrictions. They are killed for the few dollars they carry, women raped, body parts harvested for sale to willing hospitals.
“One hundred and fifty thousand Mexicans have died in the past six years, cartels fighting for control lucrative drug trade. It is not the cartel members being murdered, it is innocent people who are robbed, raped, and killed by young men on drugs who do not get a fair share of the cartel profits and must freelance. It is the army who kills people for the cartels to supplement their meager pay.
“San Pedro Sula, El Salvador is the most violent city in the world, with one hundred and eighty seven homicides per one-hundred thousand people. In Honduras, murders of women and girls increased by two hundred and sixty-four percent from 2005 to 2013. Honduras had a rate of eighty-two homicides per one-hundred thousand; El Salvador sixty-six per one hundred thousand people. By comparison, the United States had a homicide rate of five per one-hundred thousand. All those people are killed due to the fight for control of the drug routes.

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