First, Donald Trump voided the deal that the U.S., France, Germany, China, Britain, Russia signed in 2015 to slow down Iran’s nuclear program.  He did so not because it wasn’t a good deal.  He voided it because it as not his deal.  Now Trump wants to shut off Iranian oil to our allies in India, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy and Greece.  At first, he granted wavers to allow those countries to import Iranian oil.  Now the waivers are gone.

So, what will be the result of that action?

Iran had been, until now, honoring the terms of the agreement.  Trump wants a new deal where Iran is forced to stop supporting terrorists groups in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Trump wants to act tough because he knows that when in a war, the president’s approval ratings usually go up.

Other nations are taking countermeasures to get around the U.S. payment system (SWIFT).   This will undercut the U.S. influence and power.  Soon, China and a few other countries will establish the Chinese Yuan as the reserve currency, thereby ending America’s ability to force other countries to acquiesce to its policies.

The last powerful lever the US has to affect the behavior of other countries will be gone, and with it, US dominance in the world.

Tehran has threatened to block the Straight of Hormuz, through which almost all crude oil from the Persian Gulf flows.

Such a move would dampen not just the economies in Europe and America, but the whole world.

Baring that, Iran will sell oil to Russia which will allow Russia to ship more oil to Turkey and India, making those countries more dependent on Russia.

Russia seeks to be a key player on the world stage and Trump is helping them achieve just that.

If it goes to the next level, as John Bolton hopes, the U.S. will be mired in a war that will be far different than fighting Saddam Hussein.  Iran has a sophisticated anti-missile system, a substantial navy and home court advantage.  War games played by the war college showed major losses of US planes and ships and men in a conflict.

This possibility is due to the gutless bastard, chicken shot, limp dick, pencil neck John Bolton.  A man who got out of serving in Vietnam by claiming conscience objector status.  He felt the war was unjust and not winnable.  But now he has a chance to mire the U.S. in a similar war.  The difference being, he des not have to fight.  It’s always the gutless who rattle the sabers.

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