Our “stable, genius” president ordered all corporations to immediately start looking for an alternative to China and bring all our companies home so products would be made in America where they would be 400% more expensive.

He further said, “We don’t need China.  Frankly, we would be far better without them.”

He called the Federal Reserve ChaiRman, Jay Powell, “The enemy for not lowering the interest rate further.  When, not if, America falls into a recession, the Fed would then have no way left to stimulate the economy.

He then called Chinese President Xi Jinping “a great leader.”  And said, “I’m sorry, this is they way I negotiate.  It’s done well for me over the years.” (Declaring bankruptcy on every company he ever did business with every intent from the very beginning to not pay them what he owed and promised and agreed to).

Trump is paying subsides to farmers while continuing to raise tariff on Chinese goods.  And he calls Democrats socialists.

At the G-7 meeting, Trump demanded that Russia should be admitted to the group (after throwing the 2016 election to him).

Trump then sided with North Korea when Japan said the North fired missiles that violated the treaty.

Trump told aides to find any way they could to get funding to build the border wall.  And it they were indicted for lying, misappropriating government funds and violating the constitution, he would pardon them.

Attorney General William, bloated, Barr, booked the Trump Hotel for a family reunion which would cost Barr close to $50,000….if he paid the full price.  However everyone familiar with Barr’s supporting Trump at every turn, the attorney general will pay only a fraction of that cost.

Some of what he’s said and done could be funny, except the country is paying high price for his hubris and insanity.

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